11.15.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Planning For A Small Wedding-27 Percent Of People Are Binge Watching Netflix At Work

Wednesday, November 15th

Driving somewhere for Thanksgiving? Avoid the roadways Wednesday night & odds are you’ll skip most traffic if you return home on this day.  Plus 27% of us are binge watching Netflix at work and your sweat may one day lock/unlock your phone!  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, November 15, 2017.


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There is a KG came warnings are recap for Wednesday November 15 Tony seventeen means we have won two more PE periods. Christmas for its forty days to Chris I'll let today's payday yeah okay. I would say thirty gone today on and so the Bill Clinton got an automatic payments are as it yeah. Kind of waved at me as it came by may remember yesterday we did the story about a stove top stuffing made Turkey pans gas bendable and a they sold out yesterday and less than the less than two hours out your welcome oh man. I think nine I mean you probably could finally eBay now are at the end double the price up. But and double the price of forty dollars. And you're listening to was at work right now we know exactly what else you're doing it worked it's not world media. It is now when it's. Apparently we're watching Netflix Netflix is watching us and did a survey of about 37000 people they found a 67% of us are watching Netflix outside our house 27% of us. Or watching it on the clock and the job okay see him and I look at me you that sets so it's and it's Netflix and work considered Netflix and tell that you are not flexing in chilling at work now we'd have a bigger problem. They also males but it's reversed and hit it yeah. They also found out that it's we a lot of and at things like for instance the senate found 44% of people have noticed a stranger snooping over the shoulders state watching it on their device. However 11% of them got a little bit of a spoiler alerts lesson learned out there you know quote. What does ever since say they are how watch while they're in line 12% says their bid to watch you while in a public restroom. Observant and excimer standing in line help of headphones on and 26% of us says yes we will stop watching it when an embarrassing scene comes on that there was a police station I think somewhere in Canada and in a college town there was a lot of underage drinking. And they were threatening the college students who were putting up. The the results to what was it stranger things they're. -- alert regulators post them all over the jails of you go to jail we're gonna ruins the strange thing that's hilarious. Hilarious I you know Christmas is coming oppressors and their paychecks down to tune up for the holidays and you probably coming up on Black Friday. Do some of the shopping. There's an organization called world against Torre's causing harm watch is the Akron Andhra. And then an annual list of the top ten dangerous ways to based on recent childhood injury and fatality statistics it's fun job be out Phidget spinners up Mattel's Wonder Woman so word more. I am sorry. I know your child Wonder Woman sword is your own obligation I mean your own implications it's not a nurse either this is it's hard it's hard plastic that got the worst ordinance can you watch me who. Let's see the marbles saw Spiderman drone apparently little of the propellers the quality of the drone or they heard again like you know right bill totaled toys pulled polling pull along pony ready for this nineteen and scored to pull it left and those two feet and a it's gonna hang error or you're gonna it's trying to literally trial and elation he'll wheels which are kind of like he -- except you strap a money your your shoes and white kids. They have met a real sparking action and great for starting funniest thing I've ever heard it is this 1970 to put a set part of the the complete list is up better web so you don't miss that when you already saw there was. I think some Vietnamese. Security company broke into the iPhone ten young guys who attends facial recognition they put on man massive news make up and they were emulating other people their accede to the able to break the code Wheeler maybe something that is unbreakable and that may be your sweats humble. And that could be that the key to keeping her phone's lock in and locking him and we want them to that also may be the key in Allen ever borrowing your phone again I thought has even better. There's a company into did this research is called hollow mic and they believe the concept could be working in the next five to eighteen years but apparently everybody sweat has different. Differences the amino acids are a little bit configured differently. They feel that somehow they can get your sent to nexus and nexus opened your phone and as oppose it so this what is the sense and if you're Madonna a city bus here no we're definitely subway metro yeah. Or you know if you need to hurry up and unlock your phone you might wanna you know took down some helping you peppered. Well fairly quickly and I got to go for a jog a mile jog around the block out the sure I speaking of jogging Thanksgiving coming up the means extra calories the war. But if you're having a smaller Thanksgiving it's kind of hard to proportional lies the foods you know have wasted my daughters is gone with regular recipes the it's usually too much yeah I needed this is not enough time because I think you're only have. The leftovers a bit like two or three days in my house for days on the Mac and I expect him for a solid two items to. And and I'm still aren't paying out. So like you you're you're Christopher small group you know -- get that big Turkey wanted to go to the Delhi end get thick cut a piece of Turkey yes back to work or even a breast or even possibly delay you want to the whole thing yes and then this is kind of works out if you're doing you're you're desserts instead make an apple pie do like him get a must intend to make a little small one what's a little let's go to the individuals yeah Yahoo! and then this is kind of the -- difficult one especially with those older recipes that you've got down from generation from generation whether to have the metric system Bernie I. When he hit you know like half a teaspoon of this quarter tablespoon of that. We try to break that down to it you know off fourth of what you really need yes it is math involved. So you know you can ask Alexa if you haven't also has a lot tons of apps for via android and apple device yes. My favorite is using my grandmother's recipes and it says a dollop. Yeah that's followed a loss since a dollar B out of something. I've got my grandmother's joy of cooking mood the margin and should Renault and look at them of that book. Let's see how I Thanksgiving traffic. They found out Google did some historical data and found the worst state Richard traveling driving yeah. Is actually Wednesday afternoon to Wednesday evenings a week from today right the the whole day before Thanksgiving because everyone's trying to get to town in nag you tether their holiday started so. If you like extra aggravation go for it. If god they're recommending waking up early aunts Thanksgiving morning like 5:6 in the morning in making intro plans aren't I've done that before when those slowed to a radio here we get off for about 10 o'clock and I would drive on the Leesburg nobody's on the wrong with you at all and then but coming back coming back I was very surprised at the time we should come back you may suggest early Sunday morning like 6 AM yeah I thought to Rudy would just be doing the same thing. Our first thing I guess I imagine people get up they take their time they have that hospital leftover ham and then leave so I guess a few. I pass the mall they say the worst time is Sunday afternoon through Sunday winning arena Saturday afternoon evening Steve I don't know if you beat the traffic of the keys leaving early early morning break. And then next time you get that flu shot and Al why is it hurts. Needs is working now you keep your money's worth there's news researcher came out this is paying you feel these due to the immunity logical response. By your your immune system is going hey we've got an invader let's do something about it so it's building those antibodies he won't get the flu that's rights and they say though this is kind of strange only one in five people actually experience that pain and they don't know. Yes I was wondering if I'd ever felt take is at the beginning I was like wait if I don't feel it does that mean it never works but I guess maybe I'm just not one of the people may I feel the shot I mean usually pass out hit the floor all but a hole I hate needles don't like that no home do you even if you don't see you still picking him I don't see it. I anticipation of knowing that there's going to be a needle. Is enough to make me just as an eye on count. I need to put stranger things on the phone and distract you. And about how do we get past the tattoos them tattoos or needles that secondly since I knows. Consider your your your booster as they attach cannot have a daddy laugh but at that. Love them all right well that's our show for today are of course our live Monday through Friday between five and ten in the podcast whenever ABC in the name.