11.14.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Computer program waste scammers time-Stove Top Thanksgiving Dinner Pants

Tuesday, November 14th

Tossing and turning all night?  We found some foods you should eat to help you get a good night’s sleep.  Plus a computer program aimed to keep phishing scammers busy wasting time and the Stove Top Thanksgiving Dinner pants.  We covered it all in the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, November 14, 2017.


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There's an idea point 5 KG day morning show recap for Tuesday. November 14 let's jump right into it shelling guys picked they are I deaths crews there ahead give you a good night's sleep early stats at your forgive nicely this is a good look topic is Chris and didn't sleep much last night I did not mean didn't well what they'd suggesting is you get foods that are rich in magnesium will help because. That actually relaxes your muscles and calms nerves so foods rich in magnesium include spinach. Pumpkin seeds Allman seeds as well. This was interesting enough tryptophan the same stuff in our Turkey. Director does make you sleepy and actually does cause your body to produce serotonin. However Turkey's not kind of a big guests source of the tryptophan there's more or more and she's I guess yeah it's more cheese more in pumpkin seeds as well. That was kind of interest and make a pretty good sailors opened concedes she's Turkey's Harris yeah with a little bit and on the side because it's a good source of potassium that's. And has the cheese but I'm definitely gonna invest in them pumpkin seeds in omens maybe I can make it a little mix their ego. I mean Republican DeDe and almonds on my spinach salad. Day ago. Just make sure that your eyes your your sheer dressing is not alcohol or are. So clearly that the OIE me I think that foods that are rich in whiskey. That would be good to sleep Christmas well merit goods are about to pass out Saddam yes but probably qualities they are not as good basic. And stay away from the spicy fatty foods as well soccer Hong caffeine is because it's what kind of tough when you digest of system. And it just tickled kind of blog awhile to get out of your system repair option lasers for one human being on planet earth there are 200 million bugs. This was the creep you out part this morning right there not to keep you out part is where I said imagine what use it one person with you do you know bugs are now yes it's so adults pretty safe to say that. There's a few bugs in your house right now where you are statistics say that you're no less than ten feet away from a spider matter where you are on the planet and come to find out they're not hang and in the kitchen of the garage which you rethink bugs are being an outward which we will we both thought the kitchen you have to find out according to the study bugs or hang out by the at the living room closest to the window near the big screen. Its fifth at. Good day you know and think about it again of the axis with the window and in the Cree and front door could have an announcer and they also love the carpet because you know it's nice placed kind of hunkered down or perhaps it trapped in the annual carcasses in their. Kate Snow okay it's that. Resident behavior such as house tidy this pesticide usage and even pet ownership has really no significant influence. On the amount of bugs entering your house so I'm glad to hear that has people often federally you have four dogs yet and I aren't so have bug no but they're elected mover for bugs they were riding down the dogs and then hop off and then make their way into your couch cushions and they're a pretty good for Beagle here here here beat her balls a pennant to yeah across the area and grooming yesterday take you out at that they say the majority did is a majority of the bugs they find in our house are completely harmless thirst over officially bugs replies and booked flights. Where she is she winked did you expect your spouse to cheat on you this is it would write that out there wasn't as a country song that sounds like a dozen lowered key martyr. For us that for men and women that haven't they say basically for women sixty teen years into her relationship. And then for a mandate is likely eleven years or more in that relationship from almost out of the dangers on the that's an athlete I'm top three influences that people resist cheating would be women. Good for you girls. Being married for a short period of time in being more religious they say that the decision to stay faithful was motivated more on the fear being alone in financial or. Stay together for the kids today bunker so there ego. RIR port Nigerian prince still looking forward you'd give the bank information because he needs some money out of he's in a jam meeting as many out there if the need your help with his millions and millions this cameras have wasted your time now here's an app where you can waste their time hash tag revenge you ready for this is called re scam Ari colon scam. And it works like this the next time you get one little scan emails Cohen forwarded to me at three scam dot org. What they're gonna do is make a proxy email address or make it look like he jurors. And I still fruitful conversation with this camera that will go nowhere and their bots will just waste disguised time back in for absolutely yeah they have massive pretty good examples of anything you can go let's look at the video we have not looked upon a website. Very funny stuff don't know at the idea would be that this gamers and build a pot they'll go against the that by so. We'll have a robot or that way. This is. Disturbing is these giant had that expand during the Thanksgiving dinner. We already know we are at war hero and obese society here and red string you know first Thanksgiving it's just give you the green light to release just filling up as much as you can't yeah I figured it'd unit is not a good Thanksgiving into your breeding out of your mouth yeah yeah IE until I'm disgusted with myself. Well and a lot of times when you're put on you know on buttoning it handle losing the belt out. Eat what I do that you can get the stove top Thanksgiving dinner pants the people who make stove top top stuffing death now have Thanksgiving dinner pants with expandable waste bill Holland the quite fashionable very high waisted I'd say almost up to you Madrid rib cage yeah I would call these ugly sweater of things and that's gonna have a unique pattern that resembles the stove top stuffing on the top of it is a lot though it looked like you're kind of just wearing a stove top box yeah that's kind of exactly what looks like Christopher would not I bet. I can give these two pregnant friend and it would be hilarious effect how has she is. Well it's only and is speaking but literally if I tell us. Let's hit some. 1990 and it's you gotta buy by the end of the month and they'll donate 101000 dollars to the Cannes proceeds to feeding America toy box for Thanksgiving -- and what's the website Thanksgiving dinner pants dot com it's brilliant with and I love let and that what's the latest rough final story today when you talk about what an emotional support animal is men and they really can very depends on what you want it to be and we're gonna go to war cranky condominiums -- more on the West Coast of Florida let's call it Clearwater Beach guests dealt Boca del Vista of face to yes exactly back in April rolls back to further it last year when hurt him Matthew move through the area of this guy found the squirrel between a car kind of breast expressed. So has been living in his apartment ever sensed or his her name is projected calling him yeah I'd say yeah. Agassi can figure added that Ebbers was a girl I don't know if you wanna look at him you can tell believe me now. I've CNET but anyways it's been living in this guy's house ending I guess he got out in April and a dog chased numbers up a tree and that's where got the attention product Condo board gets involved right so they'd quickly reminded them (%expletive) you're violating yes sir sorry cats are that this coral so he kind of went against him was like all right well in July he went to a doctor and he's got a note saying that he can make his animal British eight. Emotional support animal Lou. So now we're in courts because the houses the the Condo associations that you ever since the paperwork and Wes where economies to do with the dates that you had here. He's saying is absolutely no way am giving her op now and actually had a car wreck or he did have some PT EST from the car right yeah maybe this squirrel helps and who knows what to what emotional support does for one person. I couldn't tell you which you'd Unita but you can demining and ethnic nature of it is and yet it's interesting I guess it will find out in court I'll be watching this one bit and and I really wonder the squirrels will be there. I hope so because I know everyone's going to be distracted by this world although no question about it at the girl is just going just and it. We make everybody feels so comfortable they're going to be like all yeah yeah that in my office I have a bottle of emotional support vodka is evident is that added yeah. So in its tradition and give me a week with the data. So that's our show thanks for listening to us were on the air Monday through Friday from five to ten in the pot gets a BCN.