1.11.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Why you should not order sushi rolls-Ikea mixes a home pregnancy test with coupon

Thursday, January 11th

Destiny’s Child is 100% right, women are survivors!  Women do live longer than men and many think it’s because of estrogen.  Plus the HVAC filter that texts you when it’s time to change it and the store that combined a home pregnancy test and a coupon.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show podcast for Thursday, January 11, 2018.


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Hey there hi there ho there whereas welcome mat is going to be as the case to get morning so I sounds KTK handed me for a Thursday January EU and two 18 died let me I'll buy you drink right here Chris our rights this are you are mr. Diet Coke. Don't Coke zero almost seeing a big dip I know when oil is some different but he's he likes the cokes or that the black campus the black candidates actually besides that I die doctor pepper gas that's the only diet drink I actually enjoyed to have doctor pepper is amazing and it's a real I can't tell a difference which I cannot tell their friends but. For some reason I'm not a big fan of Diet Coke and then says there's a lot of there's a loyal following of died co workers but it seems to be kind of tapering off so Coca-Cola is a law re launching first time in its 32 year history of Diet Coke they're actually repackaging and involving Diet Coke and resold in fitter cans. I'm brighter designed to will contain flavors like feisty charity twisted mango. Zesty bled orange and ginger line. They say that the taller and thinner cans appear to be copied from the companies to sunny sprinkling water because a lot of people are sparkling water yet other kind of a ditching the carbonated drinks are going with the water the flavored water. Seller thinking that this might be to kick start the Diet Coke yeah inspired right Betty you know I'd die Coke's sales have been sliding a mean overall it's a soft drink salesman going down anyways mid cycle can particulars but it very very hard as well as Diet Pepsi. But they're saying later on this month he should notice some of the newer. Diet Coke designs in cans and if you do like the original Diet Coke unlike the original coping jams in the eighties. Die Kofi original formula is still available so we get the original flavor of unidentified chemical. Okay. Of hits a desperate team and so does lead and a thing all right so ladies and as we bowed to you Christy and we are not worthy because. If you women are tougher than nails when it comes to surviving disasters they are now saying women are actually the stronger. Sex and gender yes I mean look back at like disasters on plague famine. And then and looked at who actually made it through the women who did better. Do during like the Spanish flu and things like that hadn't ended during survival times of women actually did live a long long and not even even wind and modern medicine women generally outlive men yeah move they tend to say that today really comes down to two advantage as women have one of them is the second you are you come into this world. They found that the birth records are all these stamina plagues that baby girl survived much more. Then baby boys. Don't know why that is also rivalry and yet they do think that has to do with estrogen itself because as anti inflammatory equality and test us early and had increases the risk of a lot of the diseases. Including heart disease plus. As you know a lot of testosterone gives you one of those polled might be your moments in we do stupid things like. Like wore you out a warrior are you know lighter cells of fire and run through the bush is all that watch this a real Smart stuff that I guys do yourself. My mind immediately brings me back to win men have a cold and women have a cold and we did go over them and now colds worse but I think that only speaks to. This point well and got us. I could never imagine. Pushing a watermelon through the size of a Gardner hello yeah. So you yeah I think there is childbirth and there's that other thing we go through that just I don't think men can ever amber comprehend my ego iron Ireland for a a certain zipper accident at. Yeah well I'd say we have a leader Kelly and and tell winds and then never again you were young you wanna bet. That too many Beers I. All right let's talk about. This year OK all Americans versions there's there's actually sushi septa says if you're ordering us sushi rolls you're ruining the experience and eating sushi yeah and eating sushi where does the sushi masters saying is it's the flavor of the fish that your masking the guy and this is what I'd like to -- yeah well yeah and that's kind of what what Americans are still way americanized version has since they like americanized version of Mexican it's like you don't like Yahoo! putting ranch and everything in catcher Gary wants Austin and and basically it's too much flavor for your route through it to actually it taste pretty deficient self so who saucy so he's giving us some advice some you know coming to to the large type thing take to get off you're your seizure because they are good. I he says stop I got to go cutting down on the greens are getting one has 45 items. Go to sushi rolls out Warner to right and then when he finally get off of those when you go eat sushi go to the bar first off the sushi bar yet not the table. And it actually asked the shaft or the the wait staff what you she gets because they should know with the shoes she will taste like and whatever but or order one about. Then you'd have the opportunity for you to savor the taste and realize if you like it or not and they can make our recommendations based on he sent finally get to sushi Amy which is the sushi with out the rights movement used just the piece of fish itself. I am not a sushi fan and I went to a sushi restaurants where we did sit at the bar. And the gentleman making sushi the sushi master was so offended that I would sit at the bar and I also don't want to eat sushi I make. And and I'm with worrying make something Ali even you like very what do you Lagos lake race. Vegetables. You make. You are seaweed know do that fish no. He's got a knife you know. Yeah careful tread lightly on nine. Let's talk about air filters is kind of cool because if it does come down to when specially if you have like up. Allergies are you ready when the symbols really I'd nicer a sticker on air filters. And you really don't know any change and sometimes he look like they need to be 2000 and then you realize they don't need to be changed but 3M has come up with a Smart air filter. And it actually connects to your Smartphone news manager got a Bluetooth. Thingy yeah there's an old little yellow sticker on it. And what it does is it measures the air flow. And when that the filter gets clogged up the air flow it's constricted and therefore can realize it will send you attack saying hey it's time teachers air filter out brilliant. And the best part is that it really won't cost anything more they're predicting its guns in any more than the current outfield trite systems that it three and a half of filters stuff the good stuff yeah and then us like twenty or thirty dollars anyway so yeah. And as an allergy sufferer and it's so worth it absolutely rule when it's funny when you said that on the air about it you burning candle in the new racy kicks on and all of a sudden the smells Tanya. I never realized we just started buying lake much better filters yes. I literally locked the smell of my a little in a burner the other day in housing. And how exactly what happened. You've Trace these filters to big candle habit and stuff. That's what it is all right so the eleven ISI candles in the filters and why you think it's aluminum knotty area. Oh gosh all right before they knock us off the air here are straight this is the strangest. Coupon ever yes and it comes from I hear how you strangest furniture store ever art review makes we wanna tell IKEA hey stay in your line up. So either different kind of an interesting marketing campaign is combining a home pregnancy test with a coupon. All right so this only works for moms to be your parents to be in your gonna be looking to buy a let's say a baby crib and whenever I have there was. It works just like a regular home pregnancy testing you know I get to to rely on whatever. It uses the same technology but what it passes it. Red amber and veils the percentage you get off your coupons is as aggressive as he goes hey you can get a cramp out pay 50% off a credit good for oh so now I never won organic PS I never had to get candidate athletes that's an hour rally. Oldest is below gross error apparently you use like an eye dropper in just like a drop on there I know all I know where they got the idea from an old Letterman bit when the Pocahontas movie came out for summaries of what the writers came up with a poke honest pregnancy test. When the PT when the TP turns blue it's time to buy a new pair a mockery since. I like tabloid that was the airline pilot there that's like unless I kill it you know that's a really good idea say cold tigers dharma. And just let us not a mattress stats. Edit finally I'll make sure that you are taking give attention to your dogs because there is a highly contagious dog food that is going around it's it 46 states but there is important enough yet Florida's one of them if you notion dog coughing sneezing a little slow it doesn't really wanna eat her. Has difficulty breather and get into the net immediately I could be canine flu which could be deadly and it's not seasonal Gonzales and get this year round it's not like our flu yet and again it just from being dogs touching noses and stuff yeah that's. The dog parks almighty god right right but are really gut whatever and then group for cal calls you know cough it out just by its very funny thing is very common very coming from a dog park and again I love that sound and light and gas. Did it did so there's a show over today thanks for listening to us we're on the air Monday through Friday between five and Ted Kennedy ABC yeah.