1.10.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Keep healthy with houseplants-One states makes it a crime to drink and drone

Wednesday, January 10th

We found even more bargains to snatch up in January! Plus one state looks to make drinking and droning illegal and why you should surround your office workspace with houseplants.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, January 10, 2018.


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I parents and ID eight point 5 KG gave morning show for Wednesday. January 10 happy for this guy. Let's go into our home for today. How to warm up your cold hands in cold feet and does not involve jabbing your sweet see you sweetie to golf at that to warm up. I worked well. How does work well doctor John Brill says improving circulation in your extremities can be as easy as wearing emissions instead of gloves. Allred and a broad but the idea and even got kind of goes into this is like also Wear lose clothing sort of skin tight clothing and little error west will trap the heat yeah lives and works that way deserves better yeah yeah out. They also say try eating spicy foods many of our Samir Tabasco has my feeder icicles right now at a BE RE eat the spicy don't put your feet on the and I'm not involved and not maybe even a quick massage might help you lose your house say stay away from cigarettes replace your copy wood and an alcohol with water and tried to be a little bit more active when your cold coming in from the cold. Perfect and I I know some people who work on since construction will use those. Those heat patches of him you know and put Mike on your back and stuff yes. And something that once you keep your back warm like that really helps rest your body that's what they censored with Eddie is that on Saturday sitting in the woods yet but at fifty yeah that's where your husband's here actually froze. Yes his hair was brown it was 28 only got there and only got to 31 violate 10 AM and that was like your birth the Yemeni wife points you got from that. There's a lot of things for him on my birthday and our anniversary on a lot of wife or do that maybe we can now we can redeem those points for a drone I don't know why I am I. And you know I yelling grounds I don't like drums and I do like drinking so I. And I'd be the best candidate. All right so there are. Took over Gaza buzzards are hurt shares. Not to say yes. Judge new Jersey's actually looking at implementing a no drinking and droning. Law into place I love it like there are enough drones nowadays where we have to have laws like this and who's the first person to what marriage is in our cars are just can't pump your gas there to mess writes can I guess I won't do it right here I don't fly drones. And and there actually are put up this is the same classy he caught dud drowning and when you're drunk. I can get up to six months in jail or fine if a thousand bucks than any use of the whole standard point 08 blood alcohol concentration level I. Two and dated not really kind of vague of how big or small or how they're going to and my little more specific with this and how is it to be sit in jail ago which Ian for. Drone and drawing her own. Yeah and did you drum beat impounded you know on to the next morning hello to you get the drone back at that. So you been doing really good keeping a wave not being put a sick from the cold the flu but let's face it there are people worked in or transmitting it. Some of them know it and I wish to go home yeah some of them don't know it yet but they're they know that it's coming. So that means that this could change you might get it and there's a more research coming out saying that you should really. Populates your work area with house plan is health plans will clean the air yeah didn't it and besides even called flew there just nasty things in your office and most of your office a synthetic the carpet the desk of the the computer the classic it's your computer is holding two. And all that stuff leaches chemicals that can actually irritate your nosing through the ears and so plans actually kind of suck in that stuff and I guess. Keep it away from Munich clean the inner they do clean the air and they actually. Pretty good and they've given you relaxation columnist to. That you recommend that you have about one that medium size. Potted plant her four square feet in the broader delete the better yes Welker not that that they're in the next lesson when Murray in the next cubicle. Opens up his lunch kimchi and flew. We need that little talk with everybody yet. Our best markets for January Reddy told you about airline tickets of the best you're looking to get a treadmill elliptical or bathroom scale go for blood which is sort of current to it you think this is the time whenever is go to the gym but. By that treadmill yeah I get that trek alum now also consider. Getting 84 KTV or TV in general. They generally are cheaper before the Super Bowl which comes the first week in February yeah. And then you can also look at getting that even your four came into this in mind to you know get if you getting anything smaller than a fifty inch. He kind of waste your money your four K it was all right yeah it's big it's made for bigger screen size and our little dots tonight I got is listeria. So keep that in mind also I this is a shock to me according to consumer reports bedding in January. The dirt cheap sheets blankets stuff like that there they say also to don't really relies so much on the thread count look more or less on the quality item because there are some really good she's to have a 200 any thread count. And then also. Get old being the winner clothing and code or something because the department stores are moving in the earnings during friendly things suits are in men and two best deals for January candy corn and wrapping paper crowds mask gifts to give to somebody else's ground. I guess I guess Christmas. Let's talk about Internet video that was all that talk about net neutrality they came up here and although the Internet was born in the USA. We're not the ones that are benefiting the most from in fact it cost Americans a lot to use our Internet. According to a website called how much dot net the average cost for broadband Internet in the US 66 dollars and twenty cents a month. Where the 82 highest out of a 196 countries in the world you know this was what bothers me about USA we're spokesman number one while our enemies. Some of our enemies have cheaper Internet than we do check this out cheapest Internet on the planet China India. Roughly about forty dollars a month and they're servicing over two point seven billion people I talk about like Russia yeah Russia is even cheaper than that ten bucks a month for Russia Syria twelve bucks cossacks down thirteen. And the cheapest place he chair next era and ran dollars and forty cents also garnered don't give you everywhere excited and so they'll be looking for every website let's say you have a lot of money men you won the lottery something must been the most of the Internet yeah Africa shall AB 'cause they're them least. Wired to the Internet that they pay the most for it. What's the name of that Burkina paso we have they have a month that's like a thousand bucks a month 962 dollars a month. Even now we is four and fifty dollars. It's just crazy it's crazy it's began about let's talk about speed were about the number ten worldwide the first time the United States has ever cracked the top ten Internet speeds in the world we should be the best shouldn't and now but the best is actually South Korea. And the fastest. That's so Weirton. And his weird it's weird that are hard wired soon. Dislike it's just spiders and snakes TI I don't mind spiders but it's a snake is even in my vicinity I would do exactly what this guided yes the guy in California apparently has erect a phobia. And if you ever seen a wolf spider the apple for the big guy he'll never forget because they're really well make your heart stopped. And the in essence he decided he was going to like just torture the pour animal allergic kill many ways by burning them with a torch lighter just because you are really close as these coral park that's a degree you're grow lighter yes it's not there's not a big deal right here I'm really close OK so you know heat and light is two things spider doesn't when you surprised to put it. They don't make clutch the pearls so the spider goes running underneath the guy's bad he falls in with a torch slider fully lit and get ready to burn. Web and realize that his mattress or catching on fire and goodness they cut the mattress they doused the flames but the flames had gone to the drapes okay 'cause about 111000 dollars in damage demand in his roommate now homeless. The spider we can only assume. It's still a lot of course is live and let love and I love spiders in the states go their way and I go my way into prices by. So that's our show court today and Wednesday January 10 ABC.