10.9.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-DIY room air fresheners-Auto infotainment systems distracting drivers on average 40 seconds per use

Monday, October 9th

This is far worse than playing with your phone before bed to keep you up, some nifty DIY room air fresheners you can make with help from your kitchen and automakers new infotainment systems in cars, trucks and vans are making users unsafe drivers.  It is all covered this morning on the 98.5 KTK Morning Show Recap for Monday, October 9, 2017.


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3 JC gave morning show recap for Monday October 9 when he seventy that the that the certainly have a back from the weekend. And amendments come of this stuff that we covered on the show today. Pressed up to talk about the. English yeah it's. The teach. Hey. Oh man. And the entire race just like that I. It's done you know what a swap out your copy every once in a while for some T there's a study at this is just black and green tea can boost your metabolism. Which could aid in weight loss by reducing levels of intestinal bacteria associated with obesity increasing those linked would lean body. So that's interesting during World War I and World War II. If people were shot in the stomach area down from the British troops who get more sepsis because of the tees that they were drinking. And if you read T in your gut and it leaked out into the bill part you know we're that was shot on to reduce infection was caused more of that that that is interesting course this is of tried to get shot reader can TI guess is the notice that or the rule of thumb their and I went down but they say is that the whatever the molecule that is that helps clean out your gut from all the other stuff that leads to obesity. Apparently it's too big to be absorbed by your body. So kind of lingers around hangs around them kind of does all the fighting for is that I can't get out the door rights aren't so keeps all the other stuff they you don't want moving through your system so that's how they feel it works but eight. Did you didn't see it tribalism green teas agree anti oxidant tuned up since delicious but. That gets us to that pot roast this doesn't taste like progress crisis. Bad. Days thing name what's the ms. label something. A date they thought it was Monroe some guy went this is the worst pop trusts I've ever had. SSI and onions it's got bread crumbs just this was like meatloaf. Load is it was mislabeled path pot roast who's actually go public meatloaf so if you if you have one in the freezer fifteen ounce up plastic trays of the public's own style beef pot roast with seizing gravy with the use buyer for invited her fourth. Coy and take Alan backs there's no surprises. And I need to get your money back or get the actual pot roast and because I have you don't have time to make meatloaf slowdown and hazardous but that is not a little more complicated things. There's a lot of studies about your Smartphone and a poor night's sleep you know we've come here on the show where it's the light frequencies it's hitting you the blue light blue light and there's actually some settings you can use on your phones to. Minimize the blue light after certain times and I'm not I haven't on this I did too and you know it doesn't work but the the big culprit is the old television on in the background TV set do and I told the TV being a distraction and it's not so much messing with your sleep pattern evident than than it's bringing your attention away from sleep. You know if you open a new movie early in sports or news on. It's gonna distract you from sleep so I do what they do recommend you do must that and I know some people that love that background noise. If you politely be TV on popular movie you've seen over and over and over a Krista does yeah and an message not really paying you to do plot you're just getting that noise that you once a year yet in my team relaxing grossly you know. I seriously I think I've played Willis 400 times the how the move and actually low enough. Yeah and you set it on every minute on creepy which I guess I shouldn't do it should set a timer on the TV but. But I repeat that way if I do wake up at some point and just like Al how. South. Not that was funny now watch it yeah all I know is that a lot of my generation wouldn't even be here. Who was over Johnny Carson via public pastor of don't -- right here they also say to reduce the brightness on your bedroom TV at least at night so it's not so bright that you're getting it's at hand permit that is what to throw a semblance it's the ego that works this is good you know those those candles and air freshen as in your on the make use smell it was lovely right well and -- they get in the you can get any specifics that in the world right exit thanks Yankee candle and but the problem is it's filled with chemicals and stuff that's not a natural stuff and using a chemical at all and I smells like that ever exactly so if you're looking for something a little better breather and then I don't know that's what a lot of people don't wanna use the stuff and now we found a really cool hack. And involves you're left over food. Now I'm not all the food not your steak and potato not just really has done a pretty high now we're talking policymakers next lemon meringue pie we'll go and save the lemon rind or the the shadings often the the ginger roots via. I'm probably in the freezer to get a lot of it altogether and then kind of take cues from candles. Pull him out make a little mixed dish of it put it into this small saucer with some water let it boil a warm up in this team should come up with that wonderful aroma. So he can have a mixture let's say have. Of of eliminating ginger root together or cinnamon sticks and an apple peels Beisel falsehood her little homemade Pope Marie Rihanna. Yeah I have to try out with four dogs in my house it really does get challenging sometimes. Of course Dyson has had a son yak and I'm telling you what it but I need to try this we covered a while back about the ones we stick in the oven but I never I haven't tried this onion now. Give us what a shot yeah. Card technology make errors very on saint livable very scary information coming out as we're worried about people handling the small devices pails in comparison. To be devices that are installed in the vehicle a triple A did a recent survey found on average were spinning forty seconds per incidents. Dealing with our infotainment systems and our car ought to be for incidents if if you're trying to. Look at your now forty seconds worth of that or fear. Try to put two in a radio station and or or your masters cup yeah you're sifted through your music looking into email do whatever you do these things allow you to do and you're taking forty seconds yeah an average to that means that some people can spend a minute yeah that's and sixty miles an hour you're going about three quarters of a mile on the road not look and various theories stuff to put a blindfold on his if you didn't get up probably any better are you wouldn't know it a path. I'd say by far storm the the the biggest culprit is that GPS navigation system. Followed by girlfriend texting now tuning the radio and placing receiving phone calls seem to be low on the list of distraction which stood. That's college is a warning for the government be in the auto makers in particular because there is a government law that indicates that these things lock out when you're driving. It's only a recommendation. Which means you can recommend not to follow their debt recommendations so that's are you still can't have like a television set to watch TV programs in the front of the encampment minority and am of course on the back of the seats for the kids in the back seats but. You can they sure got pretty close with the screen they've got right there I mean I asked this side of being a TV set in. I rental car that I had when I had my car in the shop the screen was so interactive and it would actually lake show my text messages on the screen and I can make you that it would read it to me but he didn't have to rights and I was like old Martin why is this ordinary and so distracting. That's the problem is that there's no no no lock out features so especially if you have kids driving you might wanna see if there is a way that you can buy cattle get a patch or something done these out because. That's kind of scary information and I saw that the moon and finally as you just updated your new iphones and are your iPhone to the new IOS program this is nothing new as the new one coming this week. I have already updated three times that in the. I'll west. One IOS eleven Iowa's eleven point 01 I'll less of eleven point vote to get and now you're saying there's an Iowa's eleven point one which will be the third generation now with the mode geez we're now with more remote geez that's basically what I updated analogies are we getting that I'm not been able to send right now we're breastfeeding mother. Yeah I am Manama send them how women wearing head jeeves general neutral gender neutral individuals. Dinosaurs. Ferries zombies and more expressions including swear face in mind blown. Even broccoli and some dumplings. I guess where I forget about so many of these and then you type the awareness. And it suggests yeah you know I just like yeah. That's kind of cool yeah yeah yeah I doubt I'd be also the I didn't know there was an alligator Majid to everybody from from Florida started sticking it in their on their tweets is yeah there's no Seminole or had she won yet we have. And aero for working on my way there is a complete bore that works nationally called the Unicode and Unicode consortium. That name in essence they're the I gatekeeper for all these remote geez I guess they want a mode he's to be sort of international where everybody understands what they exit out offend anybody who's. You can use a couple of hand gestures in Italy. And get thrown out of the restaurant I can say that. Present parents a guy so I was just a call later I'm again this that is exactly west avenue IOS eleven not one is so there you ago he took Michael leeway from. We were alive on the air Monday through Friday from five or ninety or ninety point five key to game of course there was welcome your comments about our podcast. But.