10.6.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Biggest first world problems-Outdated wedding traditions

Friday, October 6th

We knew it would happen but Netflix is increasing it's subscription rates.  Plus the top "first-world" problems, great foods to battle breast cancer and outdated wedding traditions from the Queen of weddings herself!  All covered in the 98.5 KTK Morning Show for Friday, October 6, 2017.


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And welcome to recapture. And for Friday October 6. Happy because is also RS. Yes we're doomed signed felt references here through a lot of thought hey it's a homecoming Friday weekend in if you listen to us right now you're probably ringing out you were. Closed it's it's just going to be one of these it is strange because we're looking a tropical storm Nate in its not gonna really bother us it's headed up pretty good path right now to Louisiana. But a tropical wave on the other side of the state is bringing the rain all weekend long you don't iron you know I can't grab the wrap my head around them is that UF as having homecoming this week you got this early. Well I'm not sure how they figure this thing up Louisville we were at home last week to which usually after a a rural road trip don't come home in the old days I saw it was the last home game you played now on Tuesday Lott after you homecoming isn't easily after. Actually it's when you can. We when you can schedule the easiest team to beat if that's the fifth circuit got other plans and advanced cloud connect. I just I was kind of earlier this way and kind of thrown my myself for Luke my own but it Snoop Dogg was and Gator growl last night when her Martha partner was there I'll order my dad is a really funny show and definitely got a million my wife turned me onto its Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart bake yeah literally went you know which one is being a teenager and one's vacation. Let's talk about cell Netflix as a specialist rail weekend Netflix is raising prices I hear yeah they're going up but it is not by much is like by a dollar if you got the standard plan which is like the most expensive as what thirteen bucks or something fourteen dollar -- dollar that's the one with a four connections. And the and the a four K. Ultra high Dell which I have never seen aim aim program offered in four K in a don't have that this ITV said at least in the TV itself it was for came about and programs ever offered I guess some sports things are for parenting. I have never missed an eight for I Lanka. By the way if I yoga you this will you'll get a notice from Netflix Italy to get thirty day notice so that you can either change your plan yet data bits of which are not getting it just you know. Blanked out about that which dollar more which when you have Christen. I have all. The you're got to the big deal and I think so okay yeah I'm still pale like 799 I think you know your grandfather years you're gonna go to the eleven dollar Rambo has gone to eleven books you know dawn I'm getting dot the most. Percentage increase yes yeah all and a man. And all things considered I'm still paying less for all of my little tiny piece together. I think than I was when I paid for cable sound so seriously the roku is an and The Who lose and Roma yeah yeah made really isn't an I love it because you know I don't have a DVR so it's. Much more convenient then to stream media streaming out my convenient law right up until you loser. The Wi-Fi ambushes and your whole world crumble oh my gosh let's let's caught the National Guard have lost a Wi-Fi I still as satellite after the girl lost my Wi-Fi for Lebanese thank goodness. Well we actually had a Avery story today talked about the biggest first world problem out there was our work first real problems yes. I've got slow Wi-Fi gas just killing me that's one of them but the number one reason that we have to complain here in a modern society you know having to wait in the house all day for delivery because there's not a specific time of delivery probably have or or the repairman but you know any time you're given a window to wait that's the number 11 world problem now. They're gonna bring me an expensive watch and I have to wait all day for present decide for it and yeah. Other ones are forgetting your login passwords leaving your phone at home no free Wi-Fi hotels and that by offering. When your streaming from its online. This is kind of funny also they asked people master two days so cheap keep this in context as you know twenty years ago what were your first world problems and early 1997. Yeah there were a little bit different they talked about number one problem was having a happy relationship. Earning enough money to pay rent and bills whether you could afford a vacation saving for your first home and getting that overexposed picture when the film that you have developed. Those work first world falls okay well what about the all those coasters that AOL used to send us well that somewhere LCDs are valid and I remember the fact it's I would finally get online and my sister would pick up the phone and Internet experts are asking and then member of the page here's where you would have to call somebody get the flu like nine pound star whatever number Aaliyah in the you have to go to a mailbox it was the most confusing thing ever. That was a first were proper action rulings. Dad they just don't remember what they where there yeah rose colored glasses and shirt I think about twenty years ago. Yeah I mean OK I was at teenagers as hell and back. All still there were some personal problems yeah at a clip that. This is good news and as we're in another month and observes a breast cancer awareness of the deaths of breast cancer gone down 39%. The between 19892015. That's from the American Cancer Society pretty good you know and and a lot of it is contributed to early detection and women getting their prayers and research in research like. All these things yeah insists is fantastic and a lot of times you know that needs to ward off cancer some of that you can help a lot of it's genetics. Some of its. And we did they're really really tasty too it's you know this isn't just hold your nose or Castro blueberries. Very good X anti oxidant that actually can help has cells of your body made it's good source of vitamin. Cuts the risk of breast cancer by 50%. And that's one of the vitamins we do not get enough of vitamin. Of and have asked is an amino acid that prevent the tender of a cancer growing inside your car. I T how about that now played annoyed sounding now were black red and green teas have been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer specifically in postmenopausal women. Garlic add a whole bunch of it at the chemical or make your breath stinky in love it keeps the vampires away you actually boost your immune system and aids in the U reduce the reduction of tumor growth Kristin if the recipe says one clove of garlic how many years. A minimum of fourteen had a girl and amateur and it finally this is good we are more good news about walnuts they actually say that there is there's it and elements out of the blocks estrogen are using cancer cells and had actually been showed. To slow the growth of tumors in its its got the good oils and a two yeah you know I. I don't remember last time settlement so many make a list but I'm I'm gonna turn woman again how well Obama almost toast them a little bit yeah they're much like on the cons in the sense that they really pick up the flavors of what are your cooking is so it's like. Conley college educated at a oh yeah harder to get in exactly when it comes to bad news people refer you just be blunt straight out just given Sunni he had enough flopping it up you want the good news of the bad news yeah I thought I wanted to Sam went to number only started using some real world examples of no no I don't that's yes mistress and yet it sure looks beautiful on you you're fired here's a box told us that. And LP under the carpet. Well it just happened. Basically that's when it comes down to if you had some really bad news like you fear you losing your job. Breaking out of a relationship. Something like that going to speed direct with people don't offered up enough that they certain things like you know. Yet cancer you probably will need to kind of fluff up a tad like you know we need to talk. And then kind of go into it but yeah you know really dancing around it that actually is AZ trait that the person giving the information would rather like because they feel that that softens the blow it's going to be able to do list put the hardest stuff to do first. Once I get that out of the way the rest of the day is a breeze. I do Philly well the whole we need to talk things then I don't like that nobody likes those were guys. Anytime some Savannah that you don't usually need that to get the courage up to say whatever it is you're right a long pause between that and then what they're saying and in the words it's not you it's mean pretty I Larry Della don't tell me we need to talk a. I I let me ask you this year at a wedding you know. Let's see that there either grooms family paid for the paid for it right by the dead did not walker down the aisle and at the reception there was no line to agree to rebuild the bride and the groom and all them the bridesmaids wore black Brett don't like my wedding this but these are all normal things now yeah it recorded a Martha Stewart and our. We went to the to went to the mountain. We talked to mark the up and snoop dog actually told us last night yes that's true yeah the whole thing about the bride paying for that the wedding that's completed in these are all the old tradition German traditions or start by trends so. These new trends like the price not wearing white. The the grooms parents paying for the wedding these are all. Potentially new traditions and makes a lot of sense especially if you've been hit a wedding and you know the struggles with it. You know you just go back to what they're chris' and that what the best man was back in the day were opal was the best man's duty I love sides the drunken speech at the recession and imagine and the medieval times when that Pickens for slamming needed to go to another village she's a very future wife from another really I raiding it you would you get on your horse grab a guy you friends with you go raid in Indy you know bring back a woman to your village in the best man O'Neal looked out. For the other villagers coming looking for the woman you stole that so it coupon that's a wing man right there have. Miss so that's how that tradition started and then you have this academic your wedding to a Krista where you word the first look yet viewing your wedding dress was actually your husband where the greens are not supposed to see you when the wedding dress to Liu walked on the dial that so pot say that is something but do you view really enjoyed the first looked in should. It really it took all the jitters out of locking down the aisle they gave us this moment that we never thought we would experience together and just us and we couldn't even see the photographer. He actually hid a reason that we couldn't even see him so it's a that is an honest to guide me and Mitch moments. Carlo wildlife photographer. And laying in the weeds that position. And it finally talked about some mob bumpy it's traveling on airplanes in the near future fasten our seat belt here and for a bumpy ride they're saying I scientists are predicting higher levels of severe turbulence around the world happening starting at 2050 I'm not gonna fly at after 2050 on the flip fly and it's it definitely stay at home called minor. They say that at North Atlantic the determines who increased by a 180% of 13% or North America and a 161% increase. Over Europe. That there's good and bad so here are very album and sandwiched I think. The good news is that two to severe turbulence will not bring a plane down yeah most of the usually you know run the bad news is that that's where most of the injuries come from an annually about 200 million dollars are paid by airlines either for their own crew being damn it hurts one over passengers weren't heard because of flight attendants but bounce around a pinball machine you out wow that's is really dangerous and scary by the way when you're on a plane if you really wanted to make a flight attendant angry. Order a diet drink. Once an ultra busy I learned that 'cause they are physically take longer to pork as they got to wait for the bubbles the go down that's right alone okay or are into play your your your cards right if you might wanna get a diet of just if you can't see on you know. Mess with the yourself no with the are clear air turbulence the number one cost it 200 million dollars in order spend the most money on Melissa champ going the seats. I believe I'm just telling you I believe that got a Viet. Based listening to our podcast in the us and for a show we're on nominees your Friday between five and ten on ninety point 580 gigabyte.