10.5.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Green Thumb tips for plants-Company in trouble for listing love as an ingredient

Thursday, October 5th

Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handing a puppy and especially after cleaning up their poop, tips for growing a green thumb and a company is in trouble for listing "love" as an ingredient in their granola.  It's what we covered on the 98.5 KTK Morning Show on Thursday, October 5, 2017.


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Hello welcome to KC game morning show recap extravaganza. Necessary. To there was Thursday October thing and that 2017. This we kind of discussed on the show today started off with a very cool innovation happening in Gainesville hope it spreads across the country with the local company called pure energy solar. They've opened ten tests phone that charging stations every that are free now. And actually run on solar energy look so if you're out about elected to dead depot parking you know if your phone is going a little low. You know charge your phone for free which is a very equal to six month test program in the city. And after that the city might buy these systems or they might just you know leave them there but. A very innovate and I love this idea the system to elect 101000 dollars each server they're really nice and this is a really cool public service. And pure energy solar is run by one of our former. He TK engineers Wayne Irwin who's a real top notch guy all he has Hebrew just kind of shows you that there is a lots we should really be gravitating at least on a personal I don't know if we gravitating towards a solar energy it's just all the energy that of these things are able to create manage all met imagine all the storm ravaged areas if they were all on solar mean they would argue back up with refrigeration and no and power and its famous and I was just reading a story line of some house in Puerto Rico. They'd just like months ago got a solar because of the electoral book written in importer it is so bad idea. That these people just went and bought all the solar equipment so that they would have more dependable power. And lo and behold there airs work in the refrigerator and working and everything while people around them are living like dated you know hundreds of years ago as an effect Elon Musk who sent a bunch of his the of those. Those power strips that you put in your garage at that store the power he sent a bunch of those two Puerto Rico and helpful and a fantastic yeah Phillips gets more solar power what do you say I think have a little bit of sun here in Florida every kind of guy that's more shade of partners there what I am thank and a puck. Let's talk about the apps on your phone you know the once he gets in the news organizations and on the weekends I know I note that done and a data now by Mark Richt aren't. The in erupting app yes that always come in so there's an all out there that is it basically called nozzle in use easy -- muscle but with an end Aetna and in essence analysts all your if your Twitter feed in those that you. Did you associate with Twitter. And is stated you're getting those alerts if they are talking about your friends are talking about a Twitter bill glance into alert that there's a news event happening. So you get this a couple of things custom in the and one a dead news updates of the cricket matches in India and hit you at 3 o'clock in the morning under. And also what you know that we your friends are talking about seeing kind of notes on a net do you set up the differently to you wanna follow up on me or does it follow your entire Twitter feed you and I think this policy towards because the instructions on network to just you load anywhere from three to 25. Twitter accounts and it follows those tweaks all here so it's not just all the garbage coming on Twitter though no longer practices whatever I guess was whenever trolley as long as you can -- got. This is important information especially if you love paneling puppies and ideals and their Sebastian unites. There is a big cut about concerns CDC's post saying that a public to transmitting a potentially deadly bacteria infection. Via contaminated hoop. Civilian had fifty into with this outbreak reaching across twelve states and includes Florida. I symptoms include diarrhea sometimes bloody. Cramping abdominal pain and fever for about two to five days they say it is being transferred from fecal matter from our dogs so. I CDC's giving you a couple of things to do make sure that you washing your hands thoroughly. Especially if you're handling puppies and dogs if you're picking up there are wasted leanings wash your hands as vigorously and pick up after him. Make sure that you're doing this for your kids and those with a compromised immune systems those who'd been most vulnerable and most symptoms on a occurred or two to five days after you've been exposed counselors all also today's they were saying that you can't tell the dog is carrying this or not right so I'd pay to the dog gets off Scot free. Pretty much get all the love and we get the repercussions just wash your hands well you are gonna stop me from coddling them. Did you and be you know keep in mind they also feel the same way when another sitting at the table you're just eating your food yeah. On me down here that's their sweet revenge I suppose. I let's say if you don't have a green thumb and but want to get the benefits of having a house plant which is nice to you know does tie the rim together now real and and there improves the air quality rights in the number one misconception is that why you don't have a green thumb is a you don't water plants enough. Problem is is that you probably one of them too much in the end of drowning. So what we suggest is starting a watering skid reporting your phones like every of every once a week they'll check their plants to see if he needs water. And that this in this water. I've been able to pick up the pot the pot and cutting heady now probably means the wild this oil saturated with water you don't need water candlelight and you know you need water or at least put your finger and touched the underneath the surface of the dirt and see if it's a moist or not. Ought to know of any water. Also I didn't even think about this but if you're have a plant near an AC Vance then you might wanna move it because that when the cold air is blowing oddity to drop the temperature of the plants and their for calls it to die. Some moved to where it's knocking direct contact with air conditioning. And even if so analyst at the erection say get direct contact with the side. And finally with your pot of your plants probably once a year you should change the pods wrote I got some putts to change and I get home took namely because if the roots are coming out of the holes that yeah us too small. And then another benefit is that your footing and fresh soil that has all these agreements. New nutrients it's definitely benefit is root bound like that you can maybe split the plan into and get to plants so by two pots to Bogle plan that's right. You know my mom comes over all the time and Mike green's my plans because I don't take like I have some of those ones really grow out and down I don't know what their called. They're green at. But she always comes over and shall lake cut a little guy around this growing out. And and read pot it was like in a vast insomnia yeah laying there baskets look at something like that and shall always take a little piece often Michael. And now I have like four extra plant. Apparent and remember a secular and doesn't need as much water. In accordance secular. The testimony and I you know I you know the the car how my how good this is if things taste when and it's made with love better if grandma's make and cookies new love is in grid it's made to love according to the FDA there's no such thing as an ingredient called love and just don't put on the list of ingredients that's the problem you could say it's may the love all you want to when you slept on the ingredient label as you know flour wheat sugar love they call it intervening immaterial. You're an essence every year you're confused saying love is like an ingredient gonna go down to bite the story I ever ounces of love. So there's this big back and forth going over this company called the national book. Brooke bakery over the granola going back and forth but. You know to investigate love let's investigate goodness as well but also the date cheese with a Z. LI TE everything's a lights in new. Chicken style yes chicken dish chicken it's chicken style or a shake. No I'm not sure what about imitation crab meets the rule why me. The rule amendments imitation crab but how do you imitate the taste of a crab of its net crash out what they do is they take another white fish and they diet to look like creme Petit -- did tell they're just they're disclosing and if you're right. We were fraudulent buy our stuff seriously how do you get to taste like crap if it's not crap out I think it's just that looks like crab maybe that's it maybe it's love that's obvious that it's not good and if I put the and then finally talked about a month's favoring daughters and fathers favoring son's only when it comes to finances for summaries was an interesting study because with the that is they gave a bond the savings bond means to the parent to give to one of their children a boy or girl elsewhere barrel and the mom gave to the daughter of the dead gave it to the sun. And therefore. He got I just think it's a bad test yet you know I think what you should do is take that bond. Give it to the and now give it to the kid. And see whoever they give extra pressure at all lately you put a dog in the middle of a room and call it from each and I'm sure. Who lets you better yeah. Are we were gonna does this outlets tested both ways yeah you know I really do think is more financial and I think is because you see yourself in your son Ahmad sees herself and her daughter tightening. But I can tell you there are many fathers I know that definitely love they love their son's been at. It's pails in comparison to the audit and utter oh yeah. I have a younger brother and that just proves mothers may have a better connection with their sons who guesses at least I would like to say perhaps a sibling rivalry. Mom or Emma if dead just keeps the money. List that I think we all know how we feel half that stat. Well that's what we discussed this morning on the show listen to us weekdays on Monday through Friday from five to ten right here in ninety point five KG.