10.18.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Lack of dreams can be a sign of serious health problems-Pole dancing a now a recognized sport

Wednesday, October 18th

Come to find out, matchmaking online is leading to stronger marriages, the best fitness routines that don't involve running and yes, pole dancing is an officially recognized sport.  We covered it all in the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, October 18, 2017.


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Yeah it's an idea point five to eight teekay more sure recap for Wednesday October 18 when he seventeenth. We're all excited because it actually is cool outside I was so excited and about this letter last march. And I am yet to Wear it outside attack saw it it does turn out of Iraq goes like awareness it's got tax. I'm still far I'm still I'm hanging on the shorts that just a little bit long way just to make sure it's fun. Let's say this morning on the show we talk about Internet dating is leading to stronger marriages which it's actually really good. Others in this study from a economics professors across the pond they revealed more than a third of marriages these days begin on line in front nose. They relationships are much stronger. The online dating has really picked up with the invention of the mobile phone has been about ten years since the iPhone came out I guess that's when the Internet dating started rights and people are swipe left more and more that's rights and it's beating up more traditional methods of meeting people like in school hookups to your friends are even going to the singles bar. Here's an interesting to this statistic of people that have been had according to 2013 and they found that those who got to get on line. Of those only five point 9% of them broke up verses and point six of those who met offline. And have a 191000 couples who met online and got married only 7% were either separated or divorced when he found him on line. Persisted the overall US divorce rate of about forty to 50% so that was my theory was legitimately known while writes us via if you meet them offline you've known for a couple years and then you're sick of their stuff after a couple of years but. When you when I first made in my lines like hey everything's new and shiny Australia and then you get to know I. I still maintain that you get to know somebody online by talking movement that sets the foundation for a relationship up already without even seeing the person. Plus is a lot of all of the algorithms to have the kind of match her up like yeah like watching movies or like you know going to the beach don't and kind of cuts out all that clutter that's you can always when you go singles bars or what have you. Yet they do have the free apps that don't do the matching and you get mad at you match yourself the gotcha yeah I've ended up I did do online dating way before a match and I ended up on a date with a guy who was from Russia and he didn't speak a lick of English while. We went to see a movie I. We didn't have this week. And how literally didn't speak a word he he nodded when he locked in he bought the tickets we went see the movie and when he left he did the same not only. This like great wow yeah you do is gonna be forever then yes yes I think it also Dona not even call lol. Nothing else awkward I. CI what is left I'm coming I had my movie tickets. Mentally with its subtitled. Now I was an English movies. There and speaking less and yet I watched a movie it was in English I guess Siena I mean it was just maybe Hewitt. Maybe justices safety net. While I wonder if you still crews in the the movie theater my BS I don't know maybe speaks English and now hopefully enhance its peaks like the learned Atlanta from a don't know if so is like speaking like Arnold Schwarzenegger and I atlas C lacking of dreams can actually be serious health problem this is interesting enough if you it's it's one thing to have a dream. And know Lee had a dream you can't remember the dream yeah me right there that if you add don't recall having a dream at all. That is probably a red flag that you should go see your doctor you're not getting enough of your Rem sleep for the rapid eye movement sleep. It's during that time win your blood pressure levels are closed with the or when your weight so that's when you start to dream. So if you're not getting into that Rem sleep you're not getting enough sleep in that can lead to many health issues like irritability depression weight gain. Hallucinations. Memory troubles immune emotional and fiscal health issues tells the the president. So I I wonder yes if you don't go to your doctor here very soon that data could be canvassers a problem. Yeah I always know when I'm not sleeping enough because I immediately. I always have trouble remembering things. I always always always get sick and I always find that my eight like Jim time really. Falls off. They say you're sleeping habits you know that you're getting good quality sleep not you know that it could timed a quality sleep yeah is that if you lay in bed in your sleep within thirty minutes he generally just get up once per night and you go back to sleep within five minutes and then that when you do wake up you're out of bed with in twenty minutes that's when you know you have the proper immensely. Just best exercises to do involving everything that running this week the scholars doctor and it's from hot bat they say they're more sport should be our decision you you should do would be swimming. Because say uses every muscle in your body. Swimming thirty to 45 minutes indeed funeral of course are linked to raising your heart rate which is improving your heart health and you can actually use 441 again you hit a stroke. Can you even have an alligator chasing it right. Thirty LL little extra marital problems and my personal record plus is really easy on your joints which is now one reason people don't like to run. Tight she made a list which is interesting because of this thirteenth century Chinese martial art combines deep breathing and relaxation with flowing movements. And it's actually see very beneficial exercise for those 65 and older now balance wise yeah I was for balance I was shocked at that's so we lose balance as we get older that's kind of a good way to keep it get going real low impact too it's kind of this this done slowly but it's a lot it's that sort of the standing up -- yeah it looks like they'll you're not doing anything but people swear you're I don't. Trading at oh hardy app I've seen people do tight chief for lake. In their retirement community our enemy in them it's health improvements alone for them but just just to be moving and not sitting writes straight. Training is also on the list. That reduces body fat increases lean muscle also helps develop strong bones in his are without running but. That's a good way to digits to lose some weight in to really strengthen your body up. Can't talk eagle exercises. Not just for any I art. No fairly it's very good him pervading urinary incontinence and other public for problems you'll pelvic floor very important yes they say that you should be contracting the muscles that you used to go to the bathroom basically two to three seconds releasing them repeating that every ten minutes ten times. Do it fortify times and if he keeps being kind of hold gas in it yeah like I'm doing right now thank yeah. Jack there's so many people in the room like Amy and enough flat out boring as it sounds walking is a great well to get this wonderful yeah question about walking. I died with thirty minutes a day just walk around I'll watch a cooking show while I'm walking around the living room and Amanda makes a big difference absolutely and talking just twenty minutes of brisk walking can add years to your life needs. I don't know if you guys have seen the video but I did yesterday of this guys sitting it was that I was Brazil and come to find it wise but he was sitting on the side overwrought and occur playing with this phone. The dog comes up behind a kind of sniffs him around then lifts his leg and kind of treats the goblet of fire hydrant ought to be fair he looked like a fire I could. That's OK and it was like one out dodges Pete skies it's hard to believe in so many told it was raining yeah that guy gets up any kind of kicks at the dog is it kind of caught by surprise and so. There's a second follow up to this story just all like security camera something that was like as surveillance video yeah I. So I apparently the guy either from seeing yourself on the video or just because he wanted to sue to get more. I guess revenge on the dog he would tend to think he started looking for the dog the next day yes. But it was a revenge he actually wanted to find the home for the dog to maybe give him a piece of his mind become defined as the dog was homeless. So we ended up adopting the dog that the so long to name the dog ends though and is posted at all on social media about how is it now has this wonderful home. Because and so Pete Jones owner in marked his territory and now he can take a picture of his dog with Google photos right this isn't really did I did not know this is Kristen mentioned it on the on the air today but I'm gonna do a Google photos first off. They have a new feature on it. That well I do pet detection so will be able to detect two detector pets seeking what tag the pattern gather pat will be tagged him on the TV due to create albums and basically just like a human face right yes I did art and bad for those leaders don't know and an I didn't know. Google photos as an app where you can actually. Index your photos that apple doesn't do that's thing muck it up apple iphones you. It is have to speak pile of photos Rydex index them here absolutely and then there was a little peace in ninety which I'm very interested in because I'm at the point now for my eye cloud they're asking for money all the gas and because IMAX out of my memory so what is. Is now a few sets up on Google photos the restore it automatically back up your photos from your camera roll okay to the global. Photos app when you open it. Then it'll automatically delete them from your camera roll. But then you can turn off. The iCloud featured about your photos cigarettes or because Google's own a Ford has Google's Ari you have for a charge for the Google for its completely free and lake when I tell you link the limit of spaces like terabytes or something was seriously while insane and you can choose to save them in like. Super HD like craziness like a level that's not even on your phone while and it limits your space but if you just save them in high Def it's unlimited. Well that's a really good way to you have to back up those photos yeah this is true I mean thousands of photos and add or delete them but then you know if I print thousands of autos and I'm thousands and yes I know you can back them up to the Google I will say. If we have thousands that you wanna back up it'll probably take your phone a couple days are Google photos. And like sometimes it stops downloading if you close the apps so be just like leave it running lots plugged in or something it had a couple hundred at a time okay but then you can set it to just clear out your memory on your phone. Because it doesn't store it on your phone. Also so clever and. Phone two years sounds like you know exactly what to do right I got I can match your phone all right yeah all right fantastic. This is an interesting I never thought we'd live to see that pole dancing as any legitimate sport. Like an Olympic sport yes I don't like like Gator football and and stuff like that. Global association of international sports federation apparently this is the worldwide governing body that determines if this is a sport or not a sport. It was all thanks to weigh and eleven year journey by a woman named Katie coats and who's says who argued successfully that pulled dancing has more from the erotic dancing in the back rooms of a gentlemen's clubs. Into a fitness exercise since the turn of the century it is like circus away yeah I mean that's pretty not pretty humor impressive you can do that so it is so she successfully go granted they avail as of this week pulled anything is considered a legitimate sport she's not even has. The international poll sports federation it's been together all the time doing amateur competitions to give a rule book together. And so that they can actually have a meaningful competition was real judges Jerry who this woman has done fantastic orchestra complete sports on her own narrow her next goal. The Olympics in 224 I guess I've got this is not this could not be good this could be bad if you're like who are your husband says he's gone into the health club I. Yeah that's a cafe risque writes now. But if you think about this think about them in the same outfits that lake thumb. Synchronize Summers where are the same outfits that gymnasts where guys and they're just working in a vertical position instead of on horizontal bar on floors are they they do the same thing uneven. If ribbon on a stick. Is is a sport and that and then in the U the hula hoop yet thing I mean seriously Rivet on a stick. Yep religion gymnastics rhythmic gymnastics and so hopefully it'll be or to be in the elements well look this upcoming Olympics surfing is going to be an a for the first time exciting which is debris off for the longest time lag gravitated to it because it was such an outsider that that was an anti sport pilot Florida. I want to bring back. Tug of war over an alligator filled pit. He has something you know something medieval in Asia silver medal something game up around us you know. They're true well that's what we discussed this morning on the show for a Wednesday October 18 of course we're live on the radio Monday through Friday from five to ten. And our always hear on his as a podcast into meanest. IE eight. NEC yeah.