10.17.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Battle bad breath-Best places to sell your unwanted items for maximum cash

Tuesday, October 17th

How to tell if you have bad breath (cupping you hand over your mouth and nose won't cut it), the bes way to make some money selling your unwanted stuff and why blueberries may be the best snack for your kids!  It's all covered in the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, October 17, 2017.


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It today point 5 KG gave morning show recap for Tuesday October 17 as we like to look at it. And there's no more Monday so yesterday yeah okay is gone and we talked about Monday its own review mayor who we are Tuesday people right now right open tomorrow that's right now and then to about midnight then we'll jump ship and jump on the bandwagon for Wednesday from outside because it's actually cooler here we we got us into fall outside will be in the sixties overnight which were rule three totaled about gaffe actually my -- turn the arrow for just a little bit which we have no wildfires mudslides earthquakes either or hurt us hurricanes in the area and I'm not I would say yeah earlier for superstitious you know literally it and save Allen who could that they look -- last emulated your auto insurance policy. Never know we we talk about this and save money I actually did this about maybe three years ago now. It was when he sings I was putting up with a putting up a bit and for all these reasons that we have in the story here. I didn't wanna go through the paperwork and wanna go to our you know do the research and all that so actually my agent to a B agent with a with a major company down got me with another company that represented saved. About 18100 dollars a year on public cars and in the house. Yeah that's the big this story talks about as saying the eight million they actually asked people who have current Sharon's policies what is he your paying a month in what is it that you get covered yeah. And the eighteen companies analyzed 15% of them had a likelihood of more than 50%. A being too expensive at the top on the list farmers. Followed by nationwide. And followed by state farm one of those companies whose it was a company I was with yeah their agent banks least did steered me to another company that saved me all this money and it's exactly what you said storm is like we're we are OK with paying more money because it's such a hassle getting all the forms. Getting everything together and make making sure that you get coverage she covered here verses and a different company and stuff and we would just rather. Not deal with it and it's costing us a bunch of money for you was 18100 dollars. So the idea is for you to discordant and bite the bullet go ahead on occasion maybe once every six months shopper on for new insurance. And plus consider this as well. He says he you've got your insurance I'm sure you've got a new car since then. May be moved into a new house you've moved across town them numerous claims have been filed and things have changed a bit so. Maybe get a better deal by shopping around and save yourself some money so that was the gist of that story. Bad breath and had a handle it if you're doing this whole copy thing over your nose and mouth and blowing into your hand. It's not really let you know if you have stinky breath because it actually comes from further back in your mouth near your biggest Youkilis. That the little punch vaulting back there the yeah yeah you've Sheila you get up near mile. I have to do he did. There just yet but that's so cool to meet you and I wanna I have to look at your throw. Well O'Neill a little flashlight and take a look at your throat nothing strange about that at all I know and when you see any doctor they relate RA give it to the tongue to present him. And he just got old and everyday thing develop and publish your great you'll get to you are so here's a better way for you did. Self diagnose yourself if you have how what's hostess. Grab a spoon put the the debt to sign up on the roof for your mouth and then go to the backing your tong scrape it with the edge of this spoon Najaf and in some mallet. Let's you can smell something your breath stink she can also do that with on wax dental floss plus the backed party your teeth and bring in up to smell it. And then another way if you don't have a spoon or. Dental floss. Gordon take you clean singer Robin along the rear of your tong and then wipe the saliva from your finger on to your back here hand letter dried. If it smells. He had that press on. So common denominator is your tongue then they suggest dentists and doctors recommend use due getting a thumbs scrape up. Scrape your tongue run to hear it a bad breath now say green tea is really good about knocking out bad breath as it has anti bacterial properties. Cinnamon also good ending crisp fruits and veggies like celery and Apple's. Really did they increase alive up then the hardest of them actually strips away the bacteria from your teeth to happy have based on oppression and it would break up gum does it come. Mean just masks and maybe it might be along the same lines words it's generating some light about Saddam and washing it away Balkan months I would and I think I was always were about scripting my tongue like element do some damage to my taste but so maybe you know yeah is at the pressure going to pay to have a clean breath. Well that's why during green to pay go. I best place to sell stuff yards cell is so old school you don't want to mess up and master weaken up with strangers trop and across your yard and trying do you know you have sometimes are going to your house to lighten dude that's nothing for sale winner yeah yeah whatever now boxing giving fourth quarter. So here's what you can do there's actually a great way for you to maximize your financial gain get rid of all the stuff you wanna get rid of it really depends on what I injure selling for instance use clothing. EBay and local consignment shops seem to be the best way to go. The last for an upfront CM a lot of times in sometimes we've asked for percentages of sales symmetry known for yet to put something assignment. And then also I eBay they have a 10% of charges up to 10% for selling on online but here's the best part. He has thousands and thousands of people looking at your items that you should be able to command a higher price for a Kristen had one to call what threat up thread up yes I work. They will send you aid bagged. May put your clothes inside of it and they tell you exactly what they take the types of brand all the tight like the season that they're going into. And stuff like that and you send it to them and then they basically send you back what you don't what they don't want and then you consigned the rest of it on their website. Or there's an app to. Very cool as a lot of flying out you can roll it into just dollars on thread up or you can get paid for it. It's all on the same lines as as for electronics like TVs and phones computers there's two ways ago rounded and one isn't serious it's a surprise to me was Amazon got in the Amazon had a sale thing yeah it's called Amazon's seller central handed verses you being a business we have to pay Amazon forty dollars a month there's a flat fee of 99 cents per item. But they do attack on some extra fees depending on what the item is how much it cost the shipping and all that good stuff. So it was a nifty little calculator on a website that you can put all the information and deceive is actually worth your time. And then there's the other colts swap which may be a three year option it charges a flat fee for your electronic items. No thief it's under fee for selling it for under fifty dollars. And the only catch is that the swap a staff has to approve it before it will go up on the web sites no. A yet takes pictures and police keep that the green light before that goes forward but it went through Amazon's site and then there's actually right in the eye and it under departments them one of them says to sell. There you go look for the words sell about that now never thought about doing it but that's an animal or our purpose of Amazon Hulu about those books that you'd ever read there's a cool website called books outer. The system works by you actually entering the title of the book and in the search databases of book buybacks licensee which will be the most money. Who do all the running around for you. And then finally for big bulky items like fur traders couches tables microwaves. The good old fashioned Craig's list is the way to go on that one because it's the most local people looking girl by big items that would be to extend out to shift your if you. But strangers come over the house that's on other thing yeah I hate that part they they do recommend June meeting at a mutual meeting place and actually having a friend with you at all times just make sure and of course only accept cash don't take it checks debit card please. This is scary for all the Wi-Fi information stuff that we have and that's basically every electronic device on planet earth. There's aid and security flaw that they found and every Wi-Fi it's called the crack attack and a university in Belgium founded. The there's good and bad news will give the bad news first is no waited to fix potential hackers from eating your personal information. The good news is that they alerted all the manufactures and use Wi-Fi and say hey there's a problem you need to work on a solution. So there is a patch that will school hopefully soon be available to fix our Wi-Fi enabled devices cool so there's that. And then and this is funny because of all the fictional vs factual TV homes in the real world. You know you think about homes EC on TV and how to they're able to live there in the yourself coffee or sell coffee. Here is the fact that section of the tanner house a full house you know you've got Danny in the house. Uncle Jesse uncle Joey coming tiger once and while a charming to when he foreigners square foot Pretoria home in San Francisco. Here's the earth. Facts of it that house sold for about three point six million dollars that's how much it costs. That took it in the assets in the city's Carrie Bradshaw as a 750 dollar rent controlled apartment in New York City and lusted after an apartment on my god he did so let's talk about how much it cost is 600 square but one bedroom apartment in real life. About a million dollars to own that maybe he. The 200 signatories are senator square foot two warehouse aloft downtown Los Angeles on the show new girl. Cost about 4500. Dollars a month to rants. So I guess that's why you need roommates guess how about Sheldon and Leonard's apartment in the Big Bang theory they live in Pasadena. It's more manageable anywhere from eighteen to 2200 dollars a month and a Mexican reasonable yeah. And it finally the Duffy home on modern family Allman beautiful then beautiful hall I loved. The slate blue and and white tram. Currently our Latin actually Tony fourteen it's sold for two point one. Million dollars so Phil has to have commissioner covers at least the mortgage or 7700 dollars above. Does this is why for Rasheed do some issue works for dad is selling closets hollers of the closet thing I wanna know what wouldn't fraud moments cave floor. Probably you know what probably the properties were the bunch of money hungry right now it's in La Brea shift for sure that's of little stick to get better. And in the kids are hungry for a little after school snack maybe feed them a handful of blueberries a recent study found the linking blueberries with faster reaction time you know of almost 10%. Thanks to the flavor donates so a lot of flavor Lloyds of course in a lot of fruits and vegetables there and whine. There in chocolate as well the study found the kids were about a 9% faster. Than those who kids who didn't eat him so go ahead eat those blueberry hill pressing him for all I mean a couple cause their hand bigger steamy. Now okay their very staining Astro and you want a little bit more is that you know and it goes right through their fingers freeze really well too it's kind of like a little cup of frozen strawberry is is almost like our script that's sure did a really good point. That's what we talked about on the show today. Tuesday October 17 were on the air live Monday through Friday from five to ten on ninety point five K to get. Until next podcast at UA BC yeah. I am not.