10.16.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Uses for spoiled wine-Cheapest day to buy candy before Halloween

Monday, October 16th

What is Avocado light and should you be scared?  Also if you have to Google instructions on how to rob a bank then crime isn't your bag and when the cheapest time to buy candy before october 31st.  All overed in the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, October 16, 2017.


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The welcome and other recap show for the UTT morning Joseph this is for Monday October 16 two when he. Seventeen. Let's talk with a avocados shall wait and day there's a new one on the market called I'll O'Connell lights. And I'm not sure it's kind of listen to vote on this one just mainly because it's a joke it's a diet food. New and it's got 30% less fat than your standard avocados are right Vince pastors in maintains the right is longer. Then other brands and has about. 80% less taking for a date as well saying it has a mild flavor and I would all the creamy dreamy nest. A Seligman of the word we're trying to figure out what. Love is love and ingredients yes I think that's kind of like the dream in this and think that's really of the descriptive word of food creamy dreamy. I mean that's how I would describe an avocado by true. I don't know about these Spinner in particular over the coming out this than the 30% less fat and kind of keep in mind your body needs fatty acids to survive right and I'll condos in particular are really good in the mono unsaturated and poly unsaturated. The good sets that are good for your body and help you lower bad cholesterol so. They're cutting that Alex considering that's basically an avocado us about 3320 calories about thirty grams of fat. To stick with the regular ones in just you know don't eat it is quite as often stood moderation. The other is the slim Colorado and that that's a floor product we've had him for years here the app and I don't recommend for guacamole because. May be a little bit of that and Haas won but the slim comic abuse like its movies and for other it be to make out got to Weis removed from them but our own but by itself it just doesn't taste our McConnell we've become a water and if you wanna like it's -- but he had your house and you know the watching from on the won't leave just make avocado dip out of that you know if you're younger kids whose you know a federal fights. Also on Nokia put on football helmets and throw out condos right Pollack I was each other on anyone say brutal looks lucky he got slime that I mean. Somebody with a right Bob McConnell. An incredible look while on a white T shirt OK yeah at what. I Lester and drinkable wine although. Actually Chris and I never heard of this war it and yeah I'm a little lost my cell look at it and if you follow in a sort of carries assumes somebody didn't finish all the whining over a week that's right he's gonna happen. Esther three days all that oxidation turns that wonderful wine into a sour nastiness. That's because all the oxygen is eating up all the sugar and you normally we just gotta throw that one away caught count your losses and you know do try to do better next time bye. Finishing the bottled up to the Texas some good. Ideas eating a good ways you can use that spoiled wine for instance is a great meat tender riser. Since it's not basically like vinegar which is kind of like a little bit of of a basic economy that's it's that stick a little tender. And this is kind of interesting you use it as us address it now using 30% of it mixed with 60% oil 10% of all the flavors in there just keep in mind that. Stick a little alcohol in a zero together is the side effect of wine. A straight into NATO launched last a little longer than is supposed to make any. It'll. Odds and only a Florida story out of a monumental proportions because when you talk to only six year old William Joseph Johnson or. Billy Billy Jo Daly tell him he's a million O'Donnell and yeah yeah he's up from down in Pinellas County not the kind of that's where Pinellas County say difference I snuck it into the united. I don't he actually it was an hotels or maybe he's not there but he I need some cash so rather than you know get a job. I decided to rob a bank but you know. You rob a big guys I have no idea never done it before once. Let's Google to find out let's go look that's actually did he Google how to rob a bank and we can assume that the technique he learned. From walking into the bank implying that you have a handgun and demanding cash which he actually did to the it to the teller. It's probably not the best today advice considering that all the cameras got a nice little gloss he's on them. Yeah you're able to post him up all over town and they were caught on like in four days later. Yeah that's not a social media profile picture you know it. It's not the best part about it is that he said that's yeah I Google's online to how to rob a bank and that I would have robbed another one the next day be you guys stop me. And what you know what he missed he missed instruction number one when you Google how to rob a bank it says don't Google how to rob a bank at a that's for sure and age is so he was arrested and good. He's brilliant here's what I say go to somebody who didn't log off their computer. And during their legs and get blamed its you know so yeah that is bosses day Yuma surprise. A passer out. I'd let's talk about traveling all low cost airlines you know spirit Allegiant frontier they offer incredibly low rates to fly across the country or across the state. However keep in mind you are getting what you pay for. A lot of these low cost airlines. Don't have anything else included but your ticket on that seat so if you have a bad even a carry on. You're gonna pay extra. You wanna print boarding pass that cost extra you want water. Hickey got to Costa accident price seems too good to be true it's because it's too good to be true and then also calls keep in mind you'll need some wiggle room just in case 'cause these low cost airlines really do operate on a shoestring budget which means if one of their flights is late there isn't another went to take up that slack. So really your flight is delayed or canceled. So you mean yeah you wait a day or two ending you're not getting any hotel assistance here on your own. And yeah I got stranded for about eight hours last time we flew with a certain airline my sister are flown one of these airlines. She came down from a bachelor party. And the point just did arrive. She it was like it it was like pop between Houston Tampa had added four times today. And just one hop they didn't do it she had to wait for hours I got together and explain so keep that in mind them. This is an interesting. Study that this doctors put together by putting statistics together. Combining hair dyes in the chants of increased risk of breast cancer. He said that women who eight regularly dye their hair had a 14% increased risk of diet crew of having breast cancer. The results kind of echoed at Finnish study that I had the exact same results in both of them kind of asking other people to. Do this study as well just to verify this is correct information we got a big problem. But they say they issued in essence no more dye your hair anywhere from four to six times a year. If you use instead of synthetic hair dies just keep your risk low and to make sure that you doing breast breast screenings. When your forty years and older and they do say that the they need a lot more data these are just two studies and it didn't take any sort of lifestyle sources like poking into garments off like that so. It's pretty bad at the the data's pretty incomplete exit on Wednesday I hear her get it and they're also saying you might wanna try S your head out rose. Hip and beet root which are natural by colors. But they're very temporary very temporary yen late you can buy and use the natural Henna I mean. 34 washes and it's gone out of I mean I guess for some only me I have been dying my hairs does not fourteen right we started out by stealing their parents like. Facial mustache. Bleach and breaching our hair with. We've moved on some more professional services passion so I yes yes yes I think that like IC CIA and I want to appoint in my life where I've been a different color every month. Ya it. It really comes down to it that I visited visited just need to do little bit more steady but yeah everything in moderation is there things and eventually Killian said yes that's true plus I guess the most important to remember is that you know you really should as as as a woman. If those breast cancer examinations on a regular basis is and comfortable as they are they really are saving lives as speaker I aside who opened. And NF finally we have Halloween coming up in about a couple of weeks so we are your futures traders doubt they're not by Halloween candy this week when we're gonna tell you next week when divide and when that when is that it is actually four days before Halloween. Which would be October the 27 which would be a week from Friday absolutely there's there's a company that did tech crunch some numbers and looked at historical prices at Halloween candies found. On average unit price was about a dollar 94 which is the lowest of the year at about four days before Halloween. The highest unit. For price per year are prefer superb products is about the day before Halloween which is about to 75 for the procrastinators. Year Yahoo! would be best days as November 1 true now. The day after the dust up there on average we spend our sixteen dollars 45 cents of candy. On Halloween itself we're not even talking about Christmas. And New Year's candy and then try to get some for the kids to be Alastair you know I spend zero you don't do that you have major traders. No we have four dogs that are just impossibly. Loud when the doorbell rings obsolete putter really polite sign in the yard and leave our light off and we usually try to participate in like a trunk or treat somewhere around towns are not only stingy right we just really can't deal with the doorbell and those now since Skittles and a slingshot yes. They don't it's not open up I remember as a kid we used to go to the rich neighborhoods to you we are gonna. Lewd up because yes people have more money to spend and that's when I realize you are rich people stay rich don't spend their money it'll spend money on Halloween. And a little urgent step up pops up. The little tip where it listen to us Monday through Friday between now five intent on the radio ninety point five GT can you Wear your podcast which we appreciate distinctive. She use.