10.12.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Fitness trackers may hold a cure for cancer-Should wait 2 to 3 hours before first cup of coffee

Thursday, October 12th

The most popular shows on the Internet, A cat kidnapping gone wrong and how your fitness tracker may be the gateway for a cure of caner!  It's all covered in our show, the 98.5 KTK Morning Show for Thursday, October 12, 2017.


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Shares of K two Kmart and show recap for our Thursday the twelfth of October oh what we call it now it's hot so we're putt over we were there were still be in the nineties today may be in the eighties next week has taken a long time for. Fall to catch up I just can't get here fast enough that we like ridiculous like you know but Russia and I'll pay the delivery charge sixty feet yeah and your musket overnight British definitely talked today about in particular online streaming services. You know back in the days before the Internet you had your big networks which were like ABC CBS C NBC in and PBS. Now you got names like Amazon Netflix and Hulu. But they don't they tell us what shows aren't the most watched they're not rated I guess dislike other television stay yes are right now I don't think they are so on this this company out here that's called pear analytics. Number crunchers I think Mitch would like these people think so because they let his kind of people they love talking numbers I kind of zone out that they figured out that the and ask what's called demand expressions which is a measurement based on the streamer services themselves you know how many people streaming how many of them are subscriptions. How many people watching and then how much social engagement they have. And they're able to kind of figure out and what's the most popular shows up for last month. On the hook appliances on Hulu. They handmade hand maid's tale was the most watched program. And on Amazon it was the man in the high castle burned and that that was did not see if the Nazis at one night Pena. And then on Netflix is not goats. Which it's in my Q a haven't had a chance in Kenya I got my back bargain here at a different but I also the first two seasons really enjoyed it. Thoughts of death of with Pablo Escobar GAAP and our players that spoiler alert he dies you know he did that at any moment but that business apparently still takes off the cocaine business was still pretty big home and still is big Tuesday and asked that guy down in Miami who just lost his job for snorting cocaine on the or alleged leaks arithmetic game came on a camera. Lou that's her idea thought on camera yeah the film himself the offensive line coach that I from the dolphins hell yeah he was trying to impress is girlfriend's not only. And she impress her body by I was pregnant neo forwarding. And snorting Coke you have good job ex coach yeah for sure. I'd drinking coffee in the morning action may not be so good for you and specially if you find someone and take a nap right before lunch break Christen crime he I did and I'm sorry but when it came around yeah this is what happened in is because of a big coffee of the caffeine itself is because of the quarter saw in your system. So when you wake up it's a stressful time for your body is you know you're waking up. In your body releases that stress hormone court resolved the kind of gets you away rights already tried that your body's coffee I guess for so which are doing is you're basically throwing. It fuel on the fire and that's probably where you getting those jitters from coffee in the morning using its he's too much for your body what time. Let's kind desensitize you for her when you need that caffeine pick me up later today let's say for instance. Right before lunch we have an adult you feel like you're tired right after lunch or around 3 o'clock there right so so that's probably why if you're drinking and X and you know 6789. Cups of coffee day that's probably. With twelve. And that's probably what's happening so they do recommend if you do the need your morning coffee that's great but maybe wait. And have value big coffee about two to three hours after he'd been on. And unity this hour we'll I've made myself a mental note to do green coffee or green tea when I wake up. Bring an end with me and then eminent such a coffee like to have my coffee a little bit later in the day he should go to put that in your fitness tracker. I might be able to just a little aura might help how many cups you've had in you know how jittery Yorkers have your jewelry just grabs it. My gosh I can't racetrack I'm gonna panic coffee cups you have yeah well if I'm really angry on Monday I'm gonna blame you guys are who we. Wheeler one thing that if you do Wear a fit been one of those fitness trackers on your wrist yeah. They're actually keeping track of your own data how many steps you're taking your heart beat us up but. They're using it for good and we hope not evil well yeah that's our I just hope I'm not sure you would Aqua Equifax or right that's how anybody can't keep his his right as an important priority kid yeah you'll terms and conditions things that you rapidly check okay through is fine outfit that has been releasing theirs their users' data data. Anonymously it mean that you don't know who's -- doing wide but yet they aggregate mean yeah so what they did is they've they've been able to include they're in data in 450 medical and research studies which is basically making better treatments Warsaw for instance. They were able to find out how important exercises from increasing mental and physical health during breast cancer treatments. To the value of fitness trackers for self managing type two diabetes. Even one in particular that we talked about being active after cancer to a boardroom remission after surgery. Is much bid official and they're even we're able to find out. They were able to find out who will be back in the hospital. Based on the amount of steps they overtake you again today when I was going through cancer treatments I exercise like a demon right and and I didn't have any either side effects of their doctors were saying if you if you do this certain chemotherapy. You'll have but there was like a laundry list of side effect I had none of them as you know I think it was because I was exercising so frantic that while I was just. Really Boston and at the gym. Made a big difference yeah and asked where that real time data comes into play where we you know we can look and not just Juba hundreds of thousands arrival in and make better treatment so. So let's talk about the Boy Scouts that's the big news item here today yesterday the unanimously allow our agreed. To let girls into the boy scout I should just see. Millions of no girls allowed signs with VS and girls backwards guest had a doughnut but apparently it's because it's financial. A lot of it is about a financial ruin because membership in the boys and Girl Scouts has been declining of lately for a 21% dropping Girl Scouts from 2014 through 26 team. And from Torrey thirteen to 2016 a 10% drop from Boy Scouts. C can see that it's been a competition between sports leagues. The perception that the boys and Girl Scouts are really kind of old fashioned and I'm really preparing people like they once did I wonder how much your that the of the devices. Now hand held devices had to do with the two that really could come into it but it also comes down appoints stats you know I I don't know that was and Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts just like camping not tying. You know things like that. Lot of women and girls that love camping and are more outdoors either and I don't know we just like there are many men and boys who love cooking who love doing things that are considered feminine have a lot in common both the canonization so I guess you know better numbers and all I wanna know is a bike and still get thin man to their kids can do whatever you want. I have to go on Mike Finn meant by the way if there there implementing a kind of a two tier system the first is that they're gonna let girls and boys into the Boy Scouts but they're gonna be segregated. In the cub scouts so that means more girls they're only boys in the air and those are from a lot of from first to fifth grade. And in those that are from eleven to eighteen year old that'll be implemented in 2019. Good so like I guess are gonna come it was more rules and they say all these changes are due to suggestions from parents. So it's not just the organization doing that these are the these are the end users right here right now the getting feedback talking about hey make Italy easier for me I can put all my kids in one organization so they can bond together less shall happening. Yeah I went to boy scout camp every single year we went to camp Daniel Boone in North Carolina. And I was able to go because my best friend's dad is one of the scout leaders and we got to go on the campus during a day. And might do some of their activities and we went Whitewater rafting every year and I got to learn some really cool things none of which implement today because now I'm pretty much hate going outside Memphis but I really do think that that's a huge part of like a growing up process for girl is just being X lake. Exposed to those things will certainly analysts say you were not in the voice that you just dealt along I happen to be the lucky part type of person who had that experience growing up now people can actually join and be apart of it cool. Absolutely I this is a funny funny great story of so let's say you have your cat. They're acting a little funny you don't know what's going on C taken to the better writes yeah so that's what this guy in uneasy and his name's Clark gay for. He took his black caddie in to the vet last week because there is cat was acting a little strange she had come back in from her. Gallup venting around the neighborhood is cats do some exercising strange yeah so the doctor puts on anti examples and anxiety medicines that the cat would come down right. And isolate the cats of that this medication was start to work everything was fine until. He is real cat came through the door a weekly. Five days later shallow but evade cat the black cat his black cat comes and plays this one gonna get collars for your kiddies and Casey until smooth talker apparently Clark had somehow gotten the neighbors black cat India his thinking that it was his cat that's one way to put it he kidnapped and drugged his neighbor's cat yes actually did that by the way the behavioral problems probably because his cats are female the neighbors' cats a male I just out funny now that you can't really tell now that. I'm sorry I have a lot of dogs and I could tell them in any pack of animals even the ones that are fixed. Okay and even ones you know project without the but the appeal to show me up and all I know there's only one record tellem and on fix mail look at this afternoon cough. Yeah that's right up there. Looking for the fountain of youth ladies you know look no further than your eyes lips and your eyebrows disguises well it's something christened snow for here's what's your secret Christen. I focused on my eyebrow yep and then I moved onto my highest yet and then I put some lipstick on that's all you need to worry about that contrast student. Those those three items right there up facial features stop sticking out as opposed to the older you get. The more muted date yet and as he hit the nail on the head and that's a kind of when it comes down and this is the first time a city actually across all cultures and ethnicities or wasn't just one. Particular. The group of people via this is kind of worldwide in Canada is a human instinct so. Instead of by using the Botox in you know. Going in getting you know all that stuff done. Just do it now maybe do some contour and without make up and he should take care but that doesn't all right there so ask it and that's. Let's see if that's what we discussed showed Thursday October 12 will be a Christian and I will be from universal Orlando tomorrow storm will be here. In the attic in the commander's chair of the games and videos at the our flagship right here will be in the mother ship so a lot of whom will also be wrapping up for Halloween horror nights contest so much you go to our website and enter. Rock stars last day for Randy to learn to not talk you did but I.