10.11.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-The fidget spinner cell phone-Halloween masks may contain head lice

Wednesday, October 11th

The Tamagotchi virtual pets are coming back!  Plus foods that lessen that bloated feeling and an Only In Florida that involves Football, a friendly bet, fire and beer!  IT was all covered on the 98.5 KTK Morning Show for Wednesday, October 11, 2017.


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And welcome to an idea point five KG came mornings are recap for wind in his day away win nest day when yes day Wednesday October 11 2000 at seventeen. I this morning he's talked about the flu shots. Yeah apparently for kids it's a good time right now to get to Europe flu vaccine leased by the end of the month it's about the eleventh so he got three weeks and I guess this is. So the shot can take effect when the flu season. Yeah star turn as you know what it is they inject you with a a form of the of the virus that form a bit tell your body's face the like you know they hope poster sick this guy now find this guy attack committee comes in here it's the wanted poster and your bloodstream rights so that's just really simplified. I thought I ask you like a so. That's what art is good medical's quote. The minister of a ditto stayed at a Holiday Inn last night. But did find out that NB CDC is recommending this as well as the American actor academy of pediatrics that the you do not use the nasal spray influenza vaccine for cancer not as effective so that of course leads us to the old needle which is kind of tricky when you're trying to to tell your kid hey this is did four years that's gonna hurt from it. Feels good for you and what they have found out through the years as his parents do know of distraction is the best form. One of them is edited distracting with TV they said that you know by now by having them at engrossed in some sort of a TV to be on your yeah I'm the favorite show. Therefore you can give a shot that way and they won't really notice it other us this kind of go it's like a breathing exercise telling him to breathe in breathe out and physicians will PS with analysts say. Bob Reeves out like you're blowing bubbles. So wanna bring adult can't help bring in doubles Zelnick and blow some bubbles is are doing now aren't much my idea was to use virtual reality goggles. And tell the kid he's a porcupine. Now now I don't know now it might or right. I'm occupy Corsica to admit that a journalist and pass out Shaq and his allies that last idea myself. Let's say we talked about the Phidget spinners on this thing raise its ugly head again you know I guess this is a matter of time that somebody's gonna attach a few hours to a phone. But it's not like a real phone right now it's a real phone it's a new addition malls but it's not like a Smart at all right. Yeah makes calls and that's all it does now in the frigid Spinner this is done and India. Which is a Third World country and you would think if the pitchers that are actually generated the electricity to charge the battery right now that's something that maybe us or we should we should do that's what I'm thinking but no it's just a regular photo this is only twenty bucks which is not that much when you consider if you spin is probably going to drop in for yeah. I.s in and out too much money although I did find if you wanna turn your iPhone into a Phidget Spinner I don't and edit and not just like an app of the there's acacia you can buy me which opponent just finger in the back and Bennett. We're showing up playing roulette with about 78900. Dollars yeah. Equipment what could possibly go wrong. Held together more than eight dollar key. Truth so help you be less bloated I thought these were kind of good because everyone gets a little bloated and sometimes it affects people worse than others in London to meet the worst is having lunch. You sing at your desk and feeling miserable is. So these are some foods that you can eat it actually should help you but the blow Venus playing Greek yogurt. As less dire dairy less sugar and more protein than any other yogurt so it's a two for parents and it caused less discomfort and a UGU protein and gives you the good pro buyout Xperia cut. You just you just try this out storm this could boot sure Campbell would you publisher of it was that wards had like three different kinds you could sample. It was in a look like beer taps it was cold. Effervescent it was delicious one was the a ginger lemon it was a Hawaiian punch enough effort with the third was with. I was very impressed and you can buy big draw hours of it right there kind of pour your own but. This is supposed to be really good for your your gut bacteria for pro by about it yeah it's very much for about however it is an acquired taste so you probably weren't we around single sample -- yellow yeah but actually whoever's making those three I don't remember the brand name of it but it was very tasty and Jerry taste about the good that's not all Campbell which is there it's out yet. Basic carrots are filled with potassium and how far that by its bloating as well so that's good. As for the first look for anything Mellon watermelon cantaloupe. Stuff like that because about 90% of it is water what should help him to blow Venus. And then also a spare guests. Interestingly enough that is interesting it's a pre and pro by addict and how maintain proper balance of gut bacteria as well as fired off bloating really weight loss arrogance that that amazes me of course you pay a price every time you spared. Have I genuinely stop eating it because of how annoying it was. But he after that makes your piece Mel yes and I stopped eating it even I do enjoy it so I may have to bring it back then just hold your breath for UP yeah. It doesn't I don't uneven so much when I go it's going in the bathroom after some well yes they just like oh. That's cut and it really is true like when people leave the bathrooms here and I have to desperately guys to collect left and I don't. There and I liar out yes I like home field advantage Heidi it still had to wait until I get home if I can if you can't believe we don't always happen we're gonna I was told storms out quickly enough. Yeah but aren't up. I receive he had to have a good she virtual pets are back you're nineties inner child take it is absolutely. That joy and they make this a Phidget Spinner Thomas who GC now that's marketing no doubt crazy I'll be marketing Britain he had Smith's mother was back in the nineties when I was a teacher in the basically it's the same game to get six characters she and she had a tough. Are just on the machine in India when you turn it on its born you have to see that you have to take care of that you have to make sure it's sleep it's clean up after as well not ill shut off the you'll lose money this. In this regard this lord. Does this say this is like the cell phone for like my generation now this is what got taken away from us. All Lilly OK Ali yeah it did Spinner of our today yes yeah I haven't I'm sure teachers are are cringing right Ali act completely user back. And then we also talked about that these by the way good the virtual pets we've act restores by November 5. How we mask in now wigs transmitting head lice yeah. Let's creeped me out OK in active I never thought about that you do think about when you're in a story in the regular store or ever was trying unlike I notice. You corn heads cat heads yes heads of the big things now so everyone as you go by it was putting it on many other people have tried this on how many have headlights that exactly sorry anything else in the hair right so I. The bed bug yeah. Well now they also say that you can if it's a with a wig or mask you put in an airtight seal for like 48 hours I should suffocated me sort of like that renders suspect there's no rule you can fit that you killed my. Do you know when you go to a mixed like a wig store yes a bio waiting for real they do put like a classic scarier over your head for your right on. Jerry liked to have all of those cheap shower caps were you give us all right yeah absolutely but that's because that's just a good look and then finally. This is insisting did only a Florida store. And of course with football generally decides the chicken wings and interrogating there's usually a friendly wager that goes on between I house that's divided when I was friendly all right so you have on down to Vero Beach you have couple has fallen in the NFL won the husband. Is a cowboys fan. The wife is a Green Bay Packers fan and they're playing on Sunday into the Green Bay beating the ex cowboys and that debt was whoever loses has to burn their cut their Jersey. They thought they should be more specific the instructions. I think we have to be be yet they weren't speak to specific because the cowboys lost that means. The 27 year old guy had to go on British art however humid the shirt on fire without taking you know he's on his body time out. Can only imagine how fast that flew up and flee this year I'm I'm sure does it considering that I think that's kind of plastic so it's more melting wade is a Sunday deal. Wu I can find what this is a YouTube moment you're gonna videotape anything this is what you wanna be tonight in case you're wondering yeah you it's gonna burn you second and third degree burns CNN hospital he's just charged what else do we learn oh he is he added there's not all there we go soccer as and for right there alcohol sun sports. And still the and just you know if you're gonna drink don't set your clothes on fire now. That's that's the words of wisdom we're gonna leave you with today it's actually join as Monday through Friday providers and right here in ninety point five KG gang.