10.10.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-DIY fake blood-Interactive map for peak fall foliage

Tuesday, October 10th

We found an incredible interactive map that show the peak fall foliage county-by-county, an easy way to meal prep so you won't feel overwhelmed at the dinner table weeknights and how to make fake blood for your Halloween fun!  It's all covered on the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, October 10, 2017.



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That's a KG gave mornings are recap for Tuesday October 10 as we bake in the Florida sun unbelievable or ten degrees above our normal temperature this time at all. Just ten degrees but if you can tell the all the windows are just covered. The moisture begin a conversation it's super super hot out here you wonder why cats law boxes so much. If you know somebody who has a cat or will be getting one don't spend money on the hundreds of dollars worth on the cat toys just. Go look burglar around for box because apparently that's what they love. Researchers say the explanation is very very simple it makes cats feel safe now collector a little cave there will be able to squeeze in the small spaces. It's a very big security move them so they can relax and feel safe. And they even had Dez and I'm sure of your have a category this might be kind of a funding to do grab some duct tape. And make a square on your kitchen floor this is the odd one right you know he'll stand in that they stay their their mine makes up the walls of that little square I guess now so we spend money and the dogs. Just give the packaging to the cats will be more than happy with the so Halloween is like a 21 days away it's been close down is so have you made your plans yet yeah you guys are going to be universal Orlando all be hearing gains will be UN Christen. This Friday the thirteenth by the where you're going to be a haunted house the only seventh. The biggest granddaddy hearted house of the mall that sent pity we're isolation or excited about that. Maybe this is excited as this where happening. The ghost of Al contrasts sweets that's available. At the a San Francisco dungeon is actually interest Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. And you heard the story that's along those a restaurant where they actually had rats walking around. It's these people. Is so they've done is they've made a replica of we're trying to have rats walk around. Okay that was the that was the Missouri health code here and they were clean. There were clean rather. Later rats. That they've made a Abe is basically a replica of this jail cells et Al contrasts so starting Friday at 1013. You can make your reservations that. In the sell all of the four people includes two twin beds the PGA's midnight snacks in this Booth he bedtime story from a dungeon residents. But a 666. Dollars it this bad boy can be yours while a message to Israel as the price yeah. I can find apartments on Craig's list that'll for a lot cheaper that the will be just like Malcolm Harris for thanks very much. Let's say this is kind of cool it is you know as we're talking about the record high temperatures revenue in our Florida. There is full happening in the foliage leaf changing colors and actually happening. And we actually have interactive website that uses data from no over the last few years to give your best guess as to when you're gonna at the peak. Foley it's time it's pretty cool you don't mind that for like the next few weeks it'll tell you how it's getting from like the northeast down towards the apple like to mountain Appalachian Mountains and then into northern Georgia tells you when it peaks and everything in if it's looking pretty cool it's. It after the U leaf papers this is something you wanna keep an Ohio yeah news for us in Florida looks like our peak will be sometime in the November 12 you know the barometer predicted a Washingtonian palm from Walter brown sometime in November. And maybe it will fall on him I don't know let's not smokers. Let's see here. How about this very cruel game changer for meal prep this popular could have gone had proper meals on a Sunday. We've got something that'll really. Really help you along yeah especially be used ground beef chicken Turkey you know kind of that each he's ground anything for a lot of folks out Somalia so go ahead and cook it before he put in the freezer. Rebuttal salt pepper on a drain equal it crumble it up or open a low for what everyone do. So the next time you need it for like meatloaf for Chile Europe or chorus you know some sort of a meal. A city having to worry about the frosting the meat or cooking the meat which could take 2030 minutes just a few minutes in the microwave it's all hot rating go for. You mean if that shot. Make your own blood before Valentine's. Valentine's Day for. Yeah how many here certainly have a strange way of celebrating round. Answer. This is for Halloween I understand or if you want to maker crimes in your very sure it's very simple we have the recipe up on our web seven involves red blue and green food coloring flour corn syrup two picks in cooking spray. And I wanna mix the flour and would be read food coloring together and then you can now add the corn syrup intuit. And the cool thing is they use the blue in the green sparingly to change that bright red into more unity color that blood normally looks like. Also if it's not going to be used to run kids orange amount for your eyes or anything like that you can add a little bit of detergent detergent and doing so makes it easier to come off clothing perfect. And finally the highest unemployment college degrees coming at had never won and our survey. Looks like it composition and rhetoric he's your professional writers in the world. Apparently have a seventeen and a half percent unemployment rate next environmental sciences an eleven point eight anthropology and archaeology at eleven point seven. Jim Harbaugh and the top on its eleven point four in film video and photographic arts at eleven point two and and they were catamounts a radio. The only look at the out there is kind of when they're not only just arts degree at that this is kind of interesting the biology east a biology degrees kind of high unemployment and an eight point seven while kind of a shocker. So all that's listed up on a web says well we're having a college educations good though that's what it boils ago in your goal driven you've actually done some been writes in regulations and here's ten dollars an hour press and a lot of Idaho they are only ten dollars an hour and a two weeks vacation and a lot of people to have like arts degrees liberal arts degrees is there ever something completely different they went to school for one of the best attorneys are known as an as an English there's an English major any turner great attorney who seeker right now but the lone nut right crazy talk stormed a crazy. I so that was our show or live Monday through Friday from five to ten Leo appreciate any comments and feedback you have as well and know what's popular Bob why.