98.5 KTK on Waze Navigation & Live Traffic


Now you listen to 98.5 KTK and get immediate traffic updates anytime through the Waze Navigation and Live Traffic App. Get turn-by-turn directions to your destination and/or be alerted to any traffic or accidents that may delay your travels while never while listening to 98.5 KTK on your radio or device!  Simply open up the Waze app (DOWNLOAD-ioS) (DOWNLOAD-Android) on your mobile device or in-dash car audio system, toggle the RADIO.COM app in the Waze Audio Player, select 98.5 KTK from your RADIO.COM favorites and seamlessly receive directions and real time traffic while enjoying all your favorite songs!  Need some help on how to set it up?  Here is a step by step guide. Once you complete this set up, 98.5 KTK will automatically play when you open the Waze Navigation and Live Traffic App Audio Player:

Step 1-Open the Waze Navigation and Live Traffic App

If you already have one of the supported music apps installed, Waze will detect that automatically and present a music note icon on your map (pink circle with a music note inside). If so, skip to step 7.

Step 2-Open Settings to turn on the Waze Audio Player

If you do not see a floating pink circle with a music note inside, you will need to activate the audio player. Tap Menu, which is the magnifying glass icon in the lower left of your device's screen

Step 3-Tap the Settings Cog Wheel

The settings icon is in the upper left of your device's screen and looks like a circle, wheel or tire. 

Step 4-Locate the Audio Player.

You may have to scroll down a bit to locate the audio player setting.  Once you locate it, give it a tap.

Step 5-Turn on the Waze Audio Player

This should be the only function on this screen. Simply toggle to the right. The Waze Audio Player is now active.

Step 6-Activate the RADIO.COM app

In order to listen to 98.5 KTK while using the Waze Navigation and Live Traffic App you will need to toggle ON the RADIO.COM app. Once you locate it, slide the toggle to the right with your finger. 

Step 7-Turn On 98.5 KTK Through The Waze Audio Player

Now when you open the Waze Navigation and Live Traffic App, you will see a floating music icon (pink circle with a music note). Tap this icon to bring up the RADIO.COM and any other music app that is active in the Waze Audio Player.

Step 8-Select the RADIO.COM app

Step 9-Select 98.5 KTK from the RADIO.COM app

Tap the purple RADIO.COM app and you will be able to view all of your favorite RADIO.COM radio stations. Select 98.5 KTK. 

You can now hear and control 98.5 KTK through the Waze Navigation and Live Traffic app through your device speaker or vehicle audio system!  Now get turn-by-turn directions and/or traffic reports without adjusting your radio!  Flick the audio player screen up to minimize it.  To bring back the audio player control screen, tap the floating RADIO.COM icon.