Kristin Miller

As a native Canadian who grew up in Ocala, Florida I feel like I got the best of both worlds. I moved to Ocala when I was five, and had the pleasure of growing up on a horse farm in the NW area of town. I went to school in Ocala, proudly hanging my hat as a Knight of Vanguard High School. After graduation I moved back to Montreal, Quebec to reacquaint myself with my Canadian roots. I learned a lot, such as hockey is the best sport ever, poutine is a food staple (trust me, Google it) and learning French would prove one of my biggest challenges.  I found myself back in Ocala after reconnecting with a high school friend who happens to be my husband now. We have four rescue dogs (which simply isn’t enough for me) and I have a fantastic 16yo step son. As an avid KTK listener for as long as I can remember, it’s surreal to join Chris & Storm in the studio. Yes, I chair dance a lot and sing the words to every song so it’s a dream to become a part of the team!