Chris Malone

It’s hard to believe that my job is to come in, share stories, laugh a little and feel that somehow I’ve made someone’s day better! Besides my job at 98.5 KTK, I cherish every moment with my husband, Scott as we continue the process of adoption! Besides that exciting process, I enjoy our two cats,... Read More


Delilah is the most-listened-to-woman on radio in the United States, with more than eight million weekly listeners on approximately 160 radio stations. Her distinctive blend of story-telling, sympathetic listening and encouragement, she has become one of our favorite people to talk with and listen... Read More

Jennifer Grant

Hi, I’m Jennifer Grant. Nice to meet you. Here are a few things you should probably know about me, I’m a sucker for a furry face and have several rescue dogs (and one semi-rescue cat that likes to hang out in my yard. Probably because I feed him all the time). I'm a huge baseball fan, I mean LOVE... Read More

Kristin Miller

As a native Canadian who grew up in Ocala, Florida I feel like I got the best of both worlds. I moved to Ocala when I was five, and had the pleasure of growing up on a horse farm in the NW area of town. I went to school in Ocala, proudly hanging my hat as a Knight of Vanguard High School. After... Read More

Storm Roberts

I love living in the Heart of Florida! Almost thirty years doing mornings on KTK have given me the opportunity to explore one of the most interesting and beautiful pieces on planet Earth. I’ve been blessed to meet and interact with the “lucky souls” that live here. My wife and I love to kayak,... Read More

Tony Lorino

Tony Lorino is a nearly-20 year broadcaster who is thrilled to be joining afternoons on 98.5 KTK! A native of Wisconsin, he has spent time in both the Midwest and the Southeast working as an on-air host and behind the scenes of radio stations, and he always loves meeting listeners and making... Read More