1.2.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-How to bow out of a commitment gracefully-Is it cheaper to own a car our just use Uber

Tuesday, January 2nd

With the convenience of Lyft and Uber, is it cheaper in the long run to use a ride share service instead of owning or leasing a car?  Plus how you can tell if your iPhone has been purposely slowed down due to its battery and this is the most honest profession in America!  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, January 2, 2018.


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I there's an idea point five did you get a morning show recap the first one to 20180. Boy I'll causes better than the ones we were thrown out last year. Our other 120% better do it if voters and our actually alive battery out Tuesday January 2 2018. How can you tell us your phone has been slowed down your iPhone nano is slower they call throttling up right where they they back off the amount of data that your phone uses so two were. You deserve the battery yes so I guess that the cat's out of the bag on this one here as the battery in your phone degrades. Apple slows down the processing on your phone because they say that the faster processing causes E Street more power guy if you have failed to show you fun off and gives you a worse. User experience now has anybody ever said my phone just too fast attack no never have so here's what's going on and there's a couple of blob of apps you can download that will actually tell you you're you're basically V. How long your battery has until it's considered an older gonna be throttled down and this just the way those phones were you when you only about 500 charges on a phone and so if you're charging it every night. Figure in two years which threw 65 days a year. But body a little after two almost adopted two years. The batteries gonna degrade so I don't charge it every night if you don't have to so like yeah it's that's what they show a tolerant and run all the way through but what I did is I put it on my phone which is about two years on a set I had about 60% of of the battery was too good where it would hold over the battery what's -- -- battery out that was called that a battery doctors the doctor I it's got a lot of like free ads in this of fees equal pay for one but you know I'm I'm thrifty I don't pay for itself but if you can deal although cardinal Promos and answer but it's actually very. If thoughtful. So the good news is that this year starting this month through December if you have an iPhone. Apple's actually discounting the battery the replacement battery about fifty bucks. So the better instead of paying 79 you'll pay 29 which is pretty cool because a lot of summary installer for Sony to have semi installed 42 to make it work but you know I think apple little worried about lawsuits of their their sales are down a little bit too so maybe this is a way of giving people bomb more inured to the product well I mean like for me do when I got this phone the only reason I got this phone is because my other one it was going slower as in I'll OK time for me to upgrade yeah I'm kind of surprised are doing this because. It's planned obsolescence a little bit they want you to get to the next phone. The best way to make microwave popcorn is not to get the oracle red and blocker or the pop seeger or any of that other stuff. You you know there is I'm a little bit worried at the popcorn lung has to do your research on that chemicals and actually make the better flavor and microwave popcorn. Citizens who could be are carcinogens so there once their heated up returns into some for something that could be a carcinogen all right so here's something that's a very simple and cheap. And all you need is a brown paper bag used to us secure luncheon and went and popcorn kernels that's at. Take popcorn kernels put it in the bag full of over a few times put in a microwave. For four minutes don't walk away you have some popcorn and if you don't need any oral and and there are all right Eric actually it's it's just like he gets it Chris it's the the air pot machine yes except you're recent Mac went yeah same thing. We Europe but that air pop machine and I always wondered why friend put theirs might have popcorn and a microwave yeah. They invited literally never seen one before well and then you don't you didn't have to worry about the project out colonels pop kernels is dying at a that's the hot or nothing to now and we can put it and you we covered this do we can put any seasoning we want an on it like if I want it hot butter on it or my mom would put out. Well and pepper garlic or whatever he felt like could go on their super easy Yemeni men assume there was gravy somewhere on their ethnic and pending the Canadian version of who obviously I celebrated Christmas this year upon my friends is polished we had a polish Canadian. Christmas dinner. And it was. Tons and tons of Perot he and I go in with Greg he says it's nothing. That would have been dead and Sarah. I so you know it's over and left around making its so easy convenient I mean I would even think with the cold weather we have it'd be nice to just give a new word to works you know at the where but the car warming upper finding a place to park. So is it cheaper in the long run for you to own a car or to just get your car. And go with Lou with the Hoover or lift our let's go to the white board over here drop everything misses the cost of every month for my car this is the insurance is the gas is the oil here's the depreciation. I'm confused all right so. That's where there's an iso upset of duke forces right or drive in a world in essence take into all these factors if you have a car payment or lease payment via the maintenance the fuel the insurance the winner in Tehran it. It will then actually so. But in your information as to how far you drive every day how many miles you accumulate coming trips do you take today. How long those trips you know and the nearest number to me is that and the hardest question is. What's your time more yes if we're paying you hourly right and that's that figures of the former us like how much time are you wasting here absolutely ended that is a big factor is you know how much it is an. We'll tell you is that is it cheaper to use the right cheer program or to cheaper to use your car. So it's kind of cool I'd to see here how much it locks the cost you your car and everything so. We Italy suffocate TK 95 dot com. We also talked to an etiquette expert over the holiday to find out how we can get out of those plans that we make commitments on the value Humana plans is then my two weeks Leo I really don't want the party are so the expert an etiquette Sid and it's a two states let down to bow out of an event gracefully. Must have two and a bailout and an event when it's really really close to beat to the beginning time all the time response to arrive and that's very suspicious you don't wanna do that so. The first stage of your bail is to alert your host hours ahead of time. By alerting them to Europe. Condition on the I don't fill or I'm not in the Fiat not working so. And then about sixty to ninety minutes after that first contact him in the number two punch comes in say. You know I'm just not feeling well I'm sorry I'm at the bail on you while but the thing is don't do it. Blake do this give them as much lead time is possible because you people let him have claimed for years especially if there on the way to meet you for lunch he does bailout then what that kind of his route. The Vienna can expert says just tell little white lie a little light line and get out of it and I think on FaceBook you could say maybe. True yet and you don't have that they and let them may be that yes that's committing to not commit and our political ideas what would be the most ethical profession. Most ethical possess profession profession in I'm don't think accountant would be there. Does sixteen years in a row now how about this nurse is the most ethical professional we love our nurses yes we do 82% of Americans according to this Gallup poll rain to nursing ethics is very hot you know they run all the doctors offices there may be somebody there with a white coat. But I'm sorry the nurses and this and their support personal they were on the holes. She back and routing out the top five actually there's two more in the medical profession on number two military officers number three grade school teachers run medical doctors never foreign armistice number five on there so it doesn't help them make sense that you know you want good honest ethical people when you're dealing with your help I definitely trust the people Matt Damon medication element trust my pharmacist that's sure. Well here's a people we don't trust I mean even you can stare in their faces out all lied to you and I find it ironic number one at least. For ethical profession. Is a Washington lobbyists is that which used to be a politician I'm usually. Male politician turns into a lobbyist and I think they live under rocks that that BS I think Jeremy can be seen in sunlight though earned car sale salespeople number two members of congress number three there you go there's a government. Advertising sales and business executives are and drowned out the bottom five and in a pattern here guys tests that's why say teachers. Need to run for political office I'm resolves you know I prior to any team would be better than what we have been threatened us back and and I'm all for him and then for all the negativity given towards people who taxed and only taxed that is some good news that for couples who message the message habits are very similar. And I actually did it make you happier and more content in your relationship it's actually Kristen and Mitch is the story for you guys have a long distance relation to Buren candidate he was here are up and you just texted for the first while your relationship between in when phone calls Ehrlich a dollar thirty final minutes. I'm always say it's not really strong in your communications skills roaming texting and emails right up like yeah. And you know it's just I love the convenience of it because I can hold a conversation all day without being stopped at that particular conversation on our. Comeback tour gap and it kind of works with couples and it actually they say that in not always make you happier but it helps you better communicate because you're able to bring up on difficult issues. Or express anger via text I could not agree more Andy really is kind of true because then as somebody who's receiving that information you're not quick to make a judgment your gives you time to think yet. So that's some good information there and they also did say here even if you're not in the texting. This works really well if you have a couple that's really in the texting. But it doesn't work if one's really detecting an idea of the guns into it. But the BC even if you're not into it you need to text somebody and tell on to say hello to what's the was long reminder news longtime driver that's right text only one that's true. And that's our show for today stay warm will be back tomorrow on ABC yeah.