12.26.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Why You Should Avoid Automatic Carwashes-Home Cold Remedies That Actually Work

Tuesday, December 26th

Suffering through a cold?  We’ve got home remedies that actually work!  Plus why you shouldn’t always wash your car in an automatic carwash and the days of sharing your online TV passwords may be over!  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, December 26, 2017.


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Way after Christmas as hollow. That's an idea point 5 KTU morning to recap for Tuesday December 23 26. We found out half of our friends have a day off yeah. Unbelievable. Hello the issue hits. Thursday when he had time off but any ways we did come to work this morning and here's what you may have missed out if you were offered missed a couple of our. Segments of the show. I believe it's less than a week away until we into the new year and and many kids loved we'll look at celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and family and celebrated Christmas with friends and family celebrated Hahn's Chanukah. Kwanzaa as well and now we're looking at the new year they wanna celebrate that but let's be real honest they're not gonna make it to midnight I may not exactly so Netflix for the fourth year low rolled row or bringing back their New Year's Eve on to make doubts. So kids can celebrate the most exciting ten seconds of the year so if you're Netflix subscriber just go until the search area typing count down. You'll find kids row featuring nine different short videos all of them doing the big countdown. From ten to one so we can to supply the party party makers and and hats and all that good stuff. 8 o'clock girls around that's your midnight eighteen and the kids are in bed at 830 year invent. That's fantastic now it's really had Kool Aid for Netflix to have some programming that both. Appease his parents and kids up and keep some sanity for it yes so if you go to those automatic car washes into the brush us once you're actually doing some eight now. You can use them on occasion and this the only place you go to wash your car you might wanna listen to this. According to our top tier paint supplier into the automotive industry they say that so. Automatic cautions are like rubbing sand paper on your paints and those bristles and those fingers used to scrub up dirt are themselves covered in dirt all those pieces of road dirt that have done cleaned other cars they don't really ever leave the brushes unless the verses are specifically taken down and rinse themselves. The church is kind of clings on becomes your car. Scratches into the paint even. The what the brush let's kind because the water is so and it's the car so quickly yeah had to bounce is off antics picks up dirt in flings it back on your car. If the so if you have something that looks like it looks like a spider web scratch that's caused by automatic car washes you should use those sparingly. Good is is that most of the a newer cars have a clear co protector and that will protect for the most part but if you have a car that's a few years old. And you're looking to keep it for awhile may wanna do more hand washing and automatic washing to keep the paint looking good. Loan if my dad listening to this season back going back to Rhode Island EC east wagging his finger at the radio talk so he is he is anchor up he owns an auto body shop and oh my gosh now if we even if we came home with a clean heart car he'd be like where do you take that she had my. He himself Denzel. I was battling a cold right before Christmas and I was driving me insane because I didn't want it was time off and and who it's because you are sick during the holidays it's horrible so I actually found this this little article that kind of helps and it's Bucs actually cold remedies that actually work. As approved by the scientific community. And they found the first and foremost way to rid yourself of the cold or flu rests its so true and this might take like a solid nap or late I had that two or three cold back to back to back right. I'd sleep like twelve hours a couple nights in a row which is a feat in itself that they could go Lanny. Yeah app that's he's they say your body's pretty mess has all the the stuff that needs to fight viruses inside but. What he needs is a sleep because that's when body does its best and by the way sleeping or staying home. Does that mean working from home. That means complete rests. And yet if he do absolutely positively have to go into work. I stay away from your coworkers as much as possible. Perhaps pick ours that are least populated by your coworkers and then also make sure to bathe in Correll every time you have contact with them yeah just so the you don't pass along the sickness which will not win you many friends in the in the kitchen. Know when you think about how many things you touched door knobs mean going into the bathroom yeah lake everywhere you touch something and you you just knees on your hands. Right exactly what your cold and you also avoid alcohol ball. As it does to hydrate your body your body needs those loose the flush out all the poison plus. When you dehydrated your mucous membranes allows more viruses and particles into your body so yes are you wanna keep yourself hydrated as much as possible speaking of that. Opt for hot liquids such as nice little cup but he or lemon water. On the that is actually shown to deacon just your. Your SI assists and through an entire box of tees during a cold RLA my favorite apple parity. Usually green tea or are the gonna orange Peko knee out they actually said any kind of T works pretty easily did the default is of the green tea has yet to see the little healthier. Also soup is pretty good. A Portland salt water roughly quarter to have to up a teaspoon per hour glass I can actually did do the same thing it's Suze is the inflammation of your throat improving symptoms like your cough for. BB post able sold drip. And finally most importantly. Don't take antibiotics. Yet. I didn't I I didn't. Like I knew this but I didn't know this. Yes a cold the flu is a virus. Any antibiotic goes after. Bacteria bacteria not viruses so he had that and finest in action yes you would need it but not just for holder I sinus infection diagnosed by your doctor not by your friend or the Internet. These huge campus that's which you wanna go. And get the prescription without one. Let's talk about the password sharing you know what it is. I I share my mighty Netflix password of my sister again turn I can hurt HBO password I'm pretty sure those people out there a bit of randomly said. Hey good or bad turn for expires and I'm like Sherri. Well how long live and watching now well it it's so they'd doesn't seem to be too much of a problem much in the industry even you know the cable companies know this the of the networks know this the cable providers know this. That people share but the problem is is that. The person you share to shares to somebody else and they share to somebody else and lonely hall do you have one unidentified. Spectrum cable channel provider. Our customer. Streaming 330000. Simon teeny shows at one time thirty. Thousand. So it's leading spectrum in particular to lead the industry it industrywide effort to crack down the past were cheering this is costing. Table companies millions of dollars in billions of dollars in revenue lost as well. So that maybe coming to an end very soon and probably say one of the biggest obstacles is gonna be the public because. We as a public dolce sharing it with our close friends of Manley as being wrong although it may be wrong. We don't perceive it as being wrong so maybe they'll be a happy medium to maybe like. We isolated to two or three. Passports sharing spur account or yes. We have selling and that's that they do if you could try to log on to Gemini devices they'll tell you like Cano and your on here and your on here you need to turn one of them off. Yeah I mean the Wear them would they really wanted to do this is kind of standardized because some will do just like that was slain other ones society sundin went timing your gut. Yeah there was no standard is nation so I think as for the looking for duke. Plus for the new year coming in less than a week we talked about the set assigned the kids with the New Year's. Party celebrations. What about your New Year's resolutions do you still do on or do you stop doing if they stop doing them because they just never really panned out. Mainly it's because you've not up to your expectations. You're you're you're making too big goals and and there are not and you really don't know how to get there according to this. So what they suggest if for instance if you wanna be more fulfilled if that is your New Year's resolution perhaps volunteers they say people who volunteer have greater happiness and to purpose in increased health. Plus if you're retired or perhaps have a job that doesn't stimulate your mind is much it actually can now ward off dementia why else. They say if you wanna learn it language skill or a lot of language or his skill. He might wanna do something called activation efforts. And it's as simple as a 22 rule so here's the example we gave the USC wanna learn the guitar and he bought the guitar you about the lessons you about the apps you bought all the toys. All the stuff that goes with it and you still don't know how to play guitar. Well instead of putting that Qatar in the spare bedroom or the good garage put that Qatar next to your couch. And the idea is that when you're looking for something and if it's an eyesight within twenty seconds a grading it you'll remember oh yeah I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. And since it's right there why now I just do it facing answer it living up to him at bat yes I would say to talk. Getting an apartment next to the gym and live their fraud yeah. So you might wanna do that they also say. If you're looking at to be a better worker more efficient. Take more breaks they see in taking breaks a couple hours after east are working to be very effective in refreshing yourself. Because overworking leased to exhaustion and then your increased mr. stress in hormones. Which can make you. And finally they going to trying to lose weight stop focusing on the way to itself. Your sabotaging yourself if you're looking to lose ten to fifteen pounds because of it doesn't come often enough time he just kind of give up. Do situations where you're focusing on. Going down a pant size or shirt size or perhaps getting rid of that AT back all of which will help with the benefit of exercise and all of a halt. He will lose weight. If you burn more calories than what you take yet they don't so that was our show all for today Tuesday. At December 26 hope you enjoyed it and join us weekday mornings from five to ten here and I'd be point five Katie can't.