12.6.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Gummy Vitamins May Be Bad For Your Health-Fast Walking Lane Installed At A Shopping Mall

Wednesday, December 6th

There is nothing worse than returning to work after a vacation to sift through hundreds of emails!  So we’ve got a couple of tips that should help you ease through them!  Plus how you can micro-volunteer and a mall installs a walking fast lane to bypass the slower ones!  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, December 6, 2017.


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There tonight eight point five KTK recap for Wednesday December 6 2017. Hi there we call recap you'll call a podcast that sits. And this kind of sad because it looks like the Boozer drying up at the Christmas parties if she deserves our attention drunks in my wanna buy a flask is here. That's very true there's really stale been there misery is there and have found dead just 49% of our company's plan to serve alcohol. As there at their holiday events this year the stem from an all time high 62% just last year and probably a lot of leave the hash tag meat to has prompted this because for some reason. Didn't think that even though you're with co workers in your out of the office and drinking and having a social setting that rules don't apply. Like you know. You seeing or are touching or doing things that you shouldn't be doing so the a lot of it has to be tied to you doing with booze so. A lot of companies are just kind of cutting it off and and doing things have been getting rid of the open bar. Many drinks and offering more food which are that was interesting home opener and always go with more food and if for some reason I don't know. Any business ever putting up mistletoe. But you know come on get a put missile so that's just and I asked him for problem that we erred and a so don't do that either man also says suggest hiring a monitor to watch people's drinking habits and even opting. For cash bar dear I say Oaxaca so reasons you can drink where your bonus. As part I thought. Scary in this era and then of gummy vitamins a department there was a recent stats Testa fifty given multi vitamins they found that 80% of gummy vitamins. Do not meet the standards of dietary supplements. In essence twelve of the most of ideas but vitamins contain only 27% fewer nutrients they were listed on the bottles some of them work 257%. And and you know we are adding more in a less vitamins that's prob could have a problem. They found three of the five Jimmy's tacit were lacking eight to ten at the nutrients listed on the bottle four out of five of them contained too much vitamin a and that's a little dangerous is it's that cycle right right your body can absorb it and you can actually over Osama stone ring. You know these these vitamins using for small kids and for older adults. A million views a liquid vitamin or. Maybe eat a balanced diet well and they do say that vitamins are considered dietary supplements are not governed by the Food and Drug Administration at all sought. The levee can really rely on us and become the USP marking on the ball which is the US pharmacal Pia. Which is kind of a guideline of ingredients that kind of tell us like a recipe for our you multi vitamin. No guarantee you that's what's gonna be in their but it does give you that they have some sort of hoops to jump through for that so also talk to your doctor about that your vitamins just make sure that your take it the right ones if you are doing that. You know it happens we'll go on vacation and you come back in the open up your email you dreaded because. It takes like five minutes to load all those emails and here your bets we spend the rest first date back gave going through all those emails so. Here is not some advice from the pros they say lie on your office auto reply message this is my favorite wine Peary and oh yes so good when you say lie just arms are coming back later than you really are just patted by a couple days so in essence he gives you all that time to look after all the emails and most of the you really need to reply to whatever plus. He looked like you know real go getter if you are able to reply to something really quickly on your first day back to clients or what have you. I resist the urge to reply or send emails on vacation. He kind of guilty of that but you know when you opened the door at you know he's given minutes to take a mile type thing. So I try to avoid them writing emails communication and then. Actually do the new emails and kind of clean things up every other day get rid of the junk files you know do the ads and the stuff that you subscribe you to not really paying attention to. Yeah a slippery slope yeah that is as you go in and you see something nearly commandos are easy to reply to and then you end up. Either applying to all of that or someone says. You know. Iron yes it drives me crazy when I get called instances I really hate to bother you might yet to write your bothering me just want to the site did get to what you need to please no worries. Let's see here how can help others when you're short on time of course we all like the idea of volunteering hate making their communities in a world better but we're this is the busiest Tommy you're of course right yeah that's pretty busy. Outside a Christmas and at at ten fold to that so there's ever called micro volunteering and I think you're gonna love this because. A lot of nonprofits need clerical help and a lot of a comedian done on line. So imagine sitting home after busy getting your unwinding wanna feel better about yourself sit on the couch log on and maybe do some clerical work for nonprofit and how do you findings. Others a couple of web sites once called online volunteering dot org right and then there's another book called do something dot org both of them have add dozens and dozens of nonprofit charities that really could use some online help. Some of them involved bird watching for. Transcribing historical documents for the Smithsonian. Actually come things of the called I could be dot org actually recruits volunteers to mentor at risk kids online while. So it's good way to help end do woods when your we have a few extra minutes which is kind of cool. And it finally let's talk about you're shopping habits of going to the mall. A lot of times they include MasterCard did this survey found that 80% of consumers find slow walkers. To be their biggest annoyance while shopping. Preston you would agree. All of this is my eight and idea if there's more than a number one pet peeve it's that. Yes slow walkers and being stuck behind him and then at Christmas time they say that's well on that that was slow walking down. By as much as 21% more because everyone's kind of looking around so there's a shopping center in outside of London England it's installed as 720 foot foot. 720 foot fast lane. It's only reserved for fast Walker's Gilligan orange line go and a you know yeah this is like a gives me the excuse me if I'm if someone is meandering in the slow lane and a fast plane. To dislike. Given a good shoulder he doubt I was eighty flick your lights on the other to get over to think. The same survey and a look this is really gonna work or not is really will be area or anything or to say what is considered faster when it's slow. OK. This every also connect about it master also found that there are four common types of shoppers see when you fall in the spectrum. Our US skater that someone who tries to maneuver their way through the crowds. 31% or chopper suited that thing you have that tatters. Pick up 50% of shoppers spot doctors talked talked talked talked tucked got you they vocalize there's a frustrations. Both slow walkers yep the bulldozers. Those are the ones just make them make a path by themselves make LA agrees very big in the country. And then finally 51% of shoppers file in this one as the majority here the Dodgers. Who moved path to avoid slow walkers altogether. Yeah you just kind of you do I do tried to not hit people. But I mean there honestly is tough sometimes when it's just like. I go on a scale of like I try to you know I do try to escape my way through and then sometimes you'll get vocal right I do bulldozed through if it just is there's no ways to get through politely. Then that's it it it's one of those things where I get that you're supposed to be slowly shopping but there are like people like Meehan and you and and even a year you know when you have in that. That time where you just have to do things in and out quickly that is a man behind schedule. And don't what are your Christmas or your holiday shopping but you know he can't really check out altogether because more people around us now there's a polite way to not to walk fast yet. And it's now is not bending down in a doorway. Marriage Europe so that's our show for today and what does he do listen to us Monday through Friday between five to ten dollar radio but he BCF.