12.4.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Most Annoying Coworkers-Easy Way To Keep Your Christmas Tree From Drying Out

Monday, December 4th

A pressure cooker is not the same as a crock pot, so make sure you are not using your pressure cooker on these foods.  Plus one opossum breaks into a liquor store and how to make sure your Christmas tree doesn’t ever dry out!  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, December 4, 2017.


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Well but the case became a job. And say this number four to. That. See what's there and that was over the show shall all right let's do let's go to today let's at. Are we start with the other Christmas story that famous leg lamp. From the Christmas story which will Hampshire TBS will start playing America number producer I. I hope so they do they always run it's on a Christmas cedes like eighteen to 24 hours or hours waters are very you know there you know what's funny is I was fall asleep in wake of the exact same point what the baucus dogs going through. Handed batter Christmas morning like any execute the whole thing that'll wake up for Christmas morning. And then watch it again fullback is okay yeah I it's it's immigrant communities and honored distribute news. I remember wanting I really remember wanting. Daisy BB gun. With a compass in the stock that we didn't have that for a while and today not your day where an odd I don't remember see in the publicist Oppenheimer it was the ID easy. Ryder BB gun and water when I got one that is the best thing about that stories are so simple simple look a little nine year old wanting the one thing for Christmas and yeah I can really relate to that and it India the that a surprise things about it was the father of the old man in the show where he won his major war or Gavin the out of fish net stocking league lamps which has just kind of exploded into its own auditors you know. And get merchandise is a key chain with that now now lamp on and so you know there's a visit the shop maker in name Paul Jackson his and created a full scale replica of his only. And the shape of the Lakeland from the Christmas story using yet using a maple wood scrapping some publicized Harry guys' legs and I kind of ruin the whole thing for it looks pretty smooth like yes it's got varnish on it assists that's it does not have fished as but it does have a ovals a Wolverine boot but could roll out. Fields open but have eyes that's if that's classy an idea even has hints of up Irvin and cigar smoke into throughout. And I had no plans to sell it but he does have aids instruction. Let's talk about your pressure cooker some of the worst efforts to put into I would never think about this but you know it's makes sense when you hear about it. Putting noodles like macaroni or spaghetti. Those are the worst things you can put in that you pressure cougar mainly because they. They turn into liquid in the kind of fall mob and they can block yeah pressure release valve yes and now you've got a grenade on your hands you know it's not an Alley when I go for dinner here so. Make sure that you keep that out of it plus you don't wanna confusion pressure cooker with a crock pot. Two different ways to cook and in this series of that is is that things took a different temperatures in different lengths so you know if you putting your vegetables with your steak. Your vegetables they're going to be overdone but the statement to be done enough if you do the pressure commitment so to keep in separated at finally. I'd watch for your delicate meet such as fish or things like crispy or deep fried foods. Because of the delicate meets will disintegrate because of the pressure in the needs and you know umi crispy crunchy food by taking water routes yeah opportunities pressure cooker keeps the water in those logs over the frozen pizza and a. You know. This really glad that you showed me that in some pot. Website so I am yeah that's I yes things America there I've had such a hard time finding recipes that don't contain dairy it's like the instant pot is a pressure Kurt Rambis got a solitary feature on you can do. Pretty much almost anything her dad and now I literally there's a 176. Recipes of no dairy recipes on some website so it's basically. Rejuvenated my and I thought I got hot what is it called in into that pot now there the website. I'll literally in some high dot com it's there you're like Cabrera as we know right yeah. Are it was a chip I literally started clicking through I'm like no way well a wall. Aren't most annoying things a co worker can do they actually did a steady and they found one in five people actually quit a job because of an annoying coworker because they cook Kim -- Indians to plot right next to my cubicle until I only did outline its plans. They found out the five most annoying things co workers do number one on the list would be to be loud and complain a lot about half. So that is the number one pet peeve on let's all this boss Romans figure that one person that. Okay I'm done I don't have a pause I got I thought yup. Christmas several of a while now and plus I followed by gossiping in bullying 32% of those in an atrocious bathroom or eating habits which and I. I'm totally guilty of bad people get really mad at me because I microwave these. Bowls every morning and they contain Mike cabbage and kale and broccoli and people discuss some and it means but they're so can. Nash had had the bad email or meeting habits as a reform is a big men one for me because I really do. My time is precious so if you're gonna have a meeting tell me please that really you please point. Have beginnings middles and ends two on your job is to get us to the into the meeting mr. or mrs. I'm leaving the meeting especially when that meeting could have been held. In an email yeah and you just read the email yet have a meeting invite anybody else think this meeting could but I tweaked it a policy you know what I hate walking into the office and hits the button in the door locks. I guess I really have a problem with. All right so now you've done your Christmas shopping done a lot of has done online now and I tell you it happens all the time. You'll buy something wrong and in 34 days later that item you are viewed even by a look at. He's popping up and every ad for apology notice follows you arrive every site you go to your memory and their demise it's like somebody tapping on the shoulder you wanna buy this they wanna buy gas well that's good when you're trying to when he didn't buyer looking for something for someone let's say you're looking for a coat that for somebody and it keeps popping up in morning's special ring perhaps yes loved one low. Absolutely so I here are some tips too high it's been a Christmas gift shopping so that you you're you're the person giving the report see it. Probably your your best thing is is to go to a private or in Inkatha need a window. That's where as we mentioned earlier it's not going to save your browser histories not gonna it initiate cookies. I'm so he basically can shop without anyone knowing Richard with tracking which are looking for his have to put in your like your your information all the time your address yours critic hearts and it before but you know I wouldn't wanna stored up because it's. Secure as the Internet is lately with your personal information correspondent there. Well Joseph give it Equifax rubio I. Are you could actually also use what's and an ad blocker an extension and just so search for ad blocker and then you can add that into it as well. And then now finally turn up your push notification is really nice to know that your PlayStation has Ford been shipped. But a few kids playing with your phone well now they're gonna barely escaping right in a Christmas has been ruined on that man that when there. Also with Christmas the Christmas trees finally opt what are you gonna make sure that the dogs on drinkable water hobby itself it's our water and you just feel the -- see if the cats way. That's an announcement and there you know that Ollie out right now you realize Simon is in your Christmas tree right now we put it up yesterday I don't I think he was like. Jumping up and down if you could ticket under the tag the and pounce upon so here if you have a problem you treat drying out to match here's a simple solution use a ping pong ball stick it in the reserve reservoir of your tree at the bottom so that way visually you can see if the water is subject you know so genius artistic finger anything there. Chris and from like some kind of funnel and hose that you can do lawyers and an opera it's it's a solidly locked it's hard plastic in about four feet Collins and a big final at the top. And you score a little way in my in the branches of the tree into the base so you don't have the leaned down to fill the water so that's where you literally just pour in the filter in the final I love her she's a squirrel entry GA extra. I pay your tribute driver that Fossum he's loaded and now we're not talking about a deal possum which were his George Jones is now well. No he was loaded to. Act OK you guys got busted go and it's always driver's license a Boston money is riding mower going to the liquor store but this. Takes place in the panhandle of Florida and we're up pop some breaks into caches liquor store in fort Walton. Each in what happens Grunow is on Thanksgiving night so it was close for awhile and apparently according to a store employee the posse got up into the rafters and missed a fallen or something. But ended up knocking over a bottle of red smells pretty sweet hey I got on Thursday have a state yeah material to have a few friends and honest back at practice the kids I don't know but the next morning the one of the employees who open the store noticed that there was I an empty bottle suburban next to it was. A possible apparently decided that it's a celebrating and appear to be pale so they ended up taking the possible wildlife refugee via. Filled with fluids IV fluids for the next two or three bases are apparently Austin's okay got a column George Jones I'm sorry and that's. It ties a bow and this little story right here but the owner of the workers are actually get paste it he drank the whole Ambon. I I thought stories during the whole damn bubbled up. And it I want applied so I was not that expensive pat B van winkle Brandon yeah we're talking about the sort of 30121000. Auto urban Hamad. Do you pray daily that army SA pat prevailing Abraham Lincoln hall do you drink egregious observe it. All I I've known people who drink it it's become our rich man's alive basin that you know there's actually. Suburban trailer you can go to you know in the you have to be there but it has been made in Kentucky to be called verb and a dad who otherwise it's not Bergman Dutch and you can go on the guy on the Bergen trail in Kentucky. Go from all the different August Hillary's. Yeah and future all burba and up and that was the difference between urban and was is that Bertans native Kentucky it was he's in Tennessee aren't I don't know enough about the Bruntlett where I'm from an outlet near go to christened find out Kristin what do you know about brown liquor I don't know anything other than that it. My trail leads to my couch I'd I'd others Canadian club which is a blend then there's arise and then there's whiskey and lenders. Burba and visited on an honor Arnold Palmer or an Arnold Palmer is just lemonade with a look iced tea that's. I thought I had booze and now and actually not know now in late and that's why are that's why Arnold Palmer. Was so rich. Was that he made most of his money from the Arnold Palmer which is he abuse order at the golf clubs like you I'd like an iced tea. Plain nasty but he had lemonade put him in a caught on and then somebody bought you can get over the counter right now yeah everywhere. On to support at that was a booster definitely I mean you completely lose and you can put up and it loses anything dressed me. I recommend a little added up vodka and then we'll vodka got here to universal solvent. Hey I think some of that it that's all we got that's our show for today join us we gazed out of Monday through Friday between five into an AD BC's Matt.