12.1.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Find Card Skimmers Using Your Bluetooth-Frying Food Can Affect Weather

Friday, December 1st

One former postal workers shares a secret that might get your Christmas package the gentle treatment in delivery. Plus Tofu alcohol and how you can spot credit card skimmers using your phone’s Bluetooth.  It’s all in the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, December 1, 2017.


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Yeah it's been ID eight point 5 JT came morning show recap for Friday December 1 and then last month of the year if you believe that while super moments coming up this weekend and we it's it's this is December it's it's very and it's it's kind of a lot alarming because now you realize you know and yeah the holidays really are comic yet I know I guess there are going to be Joplin now even though we know about it the entire year. Hobby yeah you admits mr. Berman so coming up on this Sunday December 3. We're gonna have the largest moon of the year. It's actually its closest or to the earth. On making it about 7% larger. But about 60% brighter so if you gotta go to bed early Sunday again probably in need to draw the blinds and try to remembers that Apogee your parent G1 of them is when as close as I think its Apogee sounds good bulls go with that all right that's there's a sense as answer seeing a go you know what but if there's clouds and you're trying to see this super Monique could be. Your friar I know this is amazing this is not well excess of things flung The National Enquirer are signing foods affect the weather it out some researchers said that the fatty acids that are released when you could deep fried food. Actually combining coat the surface of the dust particles in the atmosphere you know those doesn't even twinkies even tweak ball. But those dust particles that's what you know rain is a truck clouds are forms out right in essence what this is a sucking up all the moisture and causing cloud cover. And urban areas in fact they sit in in London England itself there's so many fast food and friars out there now nearly 10% of the fine part particulate matter. A comes in contact with this exciting essence magazine and nick they say can hit again hang up or collect 24 hour death. As an incredible hang time for fat. So hey kids that's that cloud smells like fried chicken gate area right behind the Mercedes it smells like Fries I have a cloud smells like fried chicken wow I this is some early good information when it comes to trying to find steamers and gas pumps now a lot of people myself included I don't he's a scammer and awe of the scanner at at a gas pump where -- years I will use gift cards but I will not use my all okay debit or credit card I'll go inside and do it that way to area even then some of the the machines that are at gas stations are convenience stores. There's been video evidence of people splitting steamers on the grass and on each unit is ATMs to do so but to here's how it works somebody will put. Scammer they'll break into the machine then they will. Put a scammer and there and that will read whatever your credit card has on it in and then story and then they will come back later in to retrieve that information but they'll duel using Bluetooth yeah you don't wanna break into an orbit drop engineers owners need to do is parked next near it right and they can retrieve that information drive off and then reply after credit card. But since it uses Bluetooth. It's sending out a signal out so why not use the same technology they use a rip you off to see if they're trying to rip you off you turn up your phone and you turn on the Bluetooth and we've just like it searches for Bluetooth in your car or in your home. It will search for the latest Bluetooth signal and then there's some the Chilo what's the code you look at where there's a couple of codes and of course these could change but if you see something OSS HC dash 05. Brian or perhaps a Bluetooth with a long list of numbers tied to just one signal. That's probably not a legit system. And that should being raid bring red flags up to alert to law enforcement that this possibly is they were nearby and if you hit and it's one of these things where if you get to become a close for. The Bluetooth to work and so. If you're near the pup and if you have Bluetooth to your car and they'll says like Mike Mike mind says my car not a but if it's just a series of numbers are that each seat dash five to probably is scammer. You wanna I would definitely tell the people inside and go to another pump ya don't don't stick our members are there and ended up the holiday season we're sending now boxes everywhere in the out of the poor people who deliver boxes. They have a tough job because you know they've got stairs declined they got heavy boxes to deliver. And even if you put a fragile sticker on it that doesn't according to one poll former postal employees that means diddly squat there is a sticker you can put on an in your kids can help out with this is so look at this as a project he he actually said this ready username right underscore hope and he was in he's a retired postal hero yeah. He says that box is covered in child created drawings cute stickers handwritten messages in crown generally will grab positive attention by handlers. And we'll get the delicate treatment OK so get the kids together and when you're getting ready to him mailboxes to your friends and family have been decorate the boxes so it's more fun that way out waves it's like your kids are reaching out to them but I kind of like panther thing and I've got kids to I won't drop kick this one across from all the and I'm pleased honestly don't over pack a box trying to you know that you Onebox. UP SD HL. Do I can't remember the last time I got some it was mangled right to an incredible job they really do their job. Well we should probably toast a glass of tofu alcohol and them we're wondering if I Justin beavers. Body guard ran into a police car he was drunk yesterday last night actually in and tried to leave so we got arrested were Warner. Was he drinking tofu. He could bend there's something it's called Saatchi. SA CH higher sought sheet that's right rob tofu turned an alcoholic I guess they're trying to go with sake I don't blame you I don't know what they were doing some researchers actually add some sugar some massive Indies to tofu way which is actually a waste product in the production of tofu and the guys and Rafer have been making alcohol from everything. If you name it may put it in the Sox can can make up ground in prison whiners so sleeve created this up product that actually has healthy molecules such as calcium I saw flames antioxidants and pro about it so why they're did dare I say could be a healthy beer or has about 78% opera hall content they're looking at making its padding the process so. Tofu beer could beat your pub to not know what is would it make you gassing you know. We're here does well some thing about lawyers are asking what was that then they argue atom bomb to blame the dog on this what. And and how do you use your Bluetooth if you're not shore. Apple has got a YouTube channel and they're putting up these little two minute videos. They teach you how to use your phone because like Chris when you open up your phone what do you get when you're the brand new apple. Yet the apple yellow sticker SA charger no manual whatsoever absolutely so you know if you need a refresher course and especially with newer phones tomato elected the iPhone ten and they had to rely -- match now you don't know what's going on an end what's cool about this channel is that the videos are no more than two minutes so you're getting really quick information and then they'll actually show you though take you through the steps and I appreciate that kind of stuff yeah absolutely so. Eight Saudi need to do is go to YouTube search for apple support you'll be able to find channel. Well that's our show for today in the week he can join us Monday through Friday between five into the we'll see you Monday morning ABC.