11.30.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Why Bargains Are Not The Same As They Once Were-Tips To Securing Your Christmas Tree On Top Of Your Car

Thursday, November 30th

The FDA warns you not to give dogs dried bones.  How phone scammers are hoping you have the Christmas spirit and why bargains aren’t as good as they once were.  It’s all covered in the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, November 30, 2017.


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Yeah it's that idea point 5 K taking a morning show recap for Thursday November 30 accumulated sorority. Is almost December some assists around the about the mortgage or are gonna pay taxes to their property taxes now hunt at eleven electoral economy. NASA. I don't they're gonna do exploited and more so I guess you're having pizza tonight for dinner or not nice Wiki I think we're gonna have dog bones Howe Barnes and Yahoo!. Hey there is a warning we're wanna tell you about dog bones from the the Food and Drug Administration this pretty serious gathered called date be official Vegas occult bone treats its hard to describe but they are there not the raw hide once these are actually. Bones that have been a real rides yet up like a ham bones a pork bones or whatever but they've been baked in seasons and usually I pick him out is that they've got plastic around them the exact hanging on the shelf are they easily in the bin right grocery stores but previously ruled giant bones I think part of the psychology is. You know it's Christmas -- get my dog a big bone Kazaa you know I was a dog I'd like to have a big bomb yeah and the FDA says be very very careful because once bones are dried out they become super brittle and they're dangerous they become when they're chewing Imus like guidance pelican riveting TV or that a piece of gun used to get the baseball cards are right the stick it you like jabbed me in Saudi mouth and it really does it did did them in fact the FDA said there's been fifteen deaths nationwide from these dogs having these are brittle bones. They can also cause digest of problems choking diarrhea vomiting and actually injured or malice they say. The modernize vets say raw bones are those that have not being cooked even chicken and then Turkey bones so does it wasn't like like a lay gore or something that holds weight. Perfectly okay for dodgy but think about the wishbone at Thanksgiving if you just way Everett carve the Turkey the wishbone comes out. It's real bay Indian pliable you it won't break you have to drive out first right and that's the reason why you refuse raw chicken. Things like that raw bones. Are just fine because they're they're still pliable iconic U debt money we give your your dog got a raw steak or something yeah Christmas much better. It AAA says about twenty million Americans about a real Christmas tree in the last three years have not properly -- it on the top of their car right there are a couple of -- -- you can learn to actually get the Christmas tree home without having a fallen all the world like it happened Chris Malone back in California Narnia because those are good times for us at the you know that they're short of it is if you have a truck and SUV or minivan something large enough to put the tree in -- the status like the bed of the truck would be the symbolism but let's say you don't just say you know hopefully have a refractive new car that's the better way to go and if not so well here's the thing out the most common thing that we do they've actually damage the car is take that twine that they give you drive and roll your windows without windows yeah yeah all through. Is that actually can mess of the weather strip you think about eaten through that weather stripping and then the next thing you know you're you're an installation and working right in Yost being assault smaller you know not very bigger diameter that are out there like like that she's not so they're saying and as since you won a putt like a towel on the topping your car so it's not really scratching up the paint. And actually use quality rope and nylon ratchet straps when you secured down the throat back your car actually has points on and that you can actually tie down points for towing purposes right that's what they're saying the he suggested in the side to side. Use maybe you'd go actually down to the frame the underside of your car and don't go through the the top part of it and the better lots we'll have that little machine you can put it through in what kind of wrap it up in this. Model Solomon line yeah is it puts like a little net around it. And you wanna put it trunk first trunk facing the forward yes makes sense right and then most of don't get don't drive like among a Mario Andretti okay yeah I expect that it tickets it's your time right and you'll be good here. At this really is very true I have not been I've done very little Christmas shopping this year. I because I've not seen any deals that just made me go wow I need to minus right now and I you know the bigger pretty savvy either retailers because. What looks like a bargain on how many times did you get an email in the last couple weeks it's said. You know Black Friday special fifty to 70% off when you go to an ego. I'm still to expand as we it's not like that the good old days when they actually had to give into a bargain down this Huskies to get inventory have a way because now with computerized. Inventory. They can keep better track of it is time for so but you know stores always look for that email them to make have you open at fifty to 70% off we love a good sale Lovett did sale so they actually witnessed pulp planed reductions they were actually mark up the price of the item. And know that it's gonna go twenty to 40% on sale psychologically or thing eight I got something twenty to 40% off. In reality you're paying the full price at the retailer once you are eight or retailer added it was just like double the price of it and then knocked half of an offer right now and really we can think the Great Recession for this thought process because we're in the mindset of we gotta get bargains is going to be a bar in save money so now we have a recent survey found that to bargain seeking was the number one moderator for shopping rather than. The value or how the prodded me she's feel the end and you get what you pay for right OK a lot of times you'll save a lot of money. And it's this is happening we talked about this work. I've got gotten this clearance sale of the 70% off and it's a pretty good price but they don't have my size exactly right although one hopper one down and I get this thing it doesn't fit right I've got a purse shoes I can't Wear possession of small bright but I didn't know and have your chance of trial mod but I got Amare you know I got to ship to be so. But he didn't do that but do what you should do is buy. Pay the money yes paid. It makes you feel good a little more and the fury you know you're able to get the quality that you want to go forage and then you know also keep in mind that you do have some. So don't go crazy if you only fifteen dollars are spent and assured don't go to fifteen dollars but then again don't buy one for eight dollars because it's an extra large knew where large exactly kind of the real soon as you get what you pay for but we are the show this morning that told people. During morning drive time that there are driving wrong in your stopping at the traffic lights wrong. IA IIG's. I've asked about this before. You would think it just irritates me because I did text when we're stuck in traffic lights stop yeah but the people the kind of just slowly stop I'd rather you just stop you and then if there's too much room the without actually people behind me halting any dispute up. And find out you screening subsidies can get the green light when it's green. There's the researchers have actually tracked driving or drivers and they say there's absolutely no advantage you creeping up on somebody yes that he can sneak through delight they say that you get basically the same amount of time. If you're right up on somebody verses if you're up to 25 feet behind them. And the reason for that is that once the light does go green you're still gonna have to go a little slower than the car. In front view because you're gonna have to get that little bug barrier yeah I mean you're a further and by reducing that would have somebody knocks into the rear your car you're gonna knock at the from a development in the other person's car and your bags are gonna go off so. Give yourself a little bit of margin area you know that's what it boils down to should be able to see the rear bumper of the car in front of you at the traffic like that's the rule of some sort of growth on. This is really good feel story of the feel good story in evolves and elephants and her calf. And an attempt I've oh. Well in India all right so last Wednesday night the resentment a pack of elephants went to the village which normally does and apparently little baby conceded they are drilling a well. Fell down into it should be here's the baby in the hole and the mom can't get him out a mom starts trumpeting nearly all night long all night all night long the villagers wake up they would they see what the problem is. And they they actually. Got a backhoe and dog this little guy how the big dogs are trained she could be good luck in the best part of the story is how he was greeted when he got lucky he got out and diesel trucks up their make and all sorts of noise and an agency mom on the pack running across the river to meet its like the whole like the herd man Brett that's like you know like running across daisies to meet each other. They're hugging and kissing and in everything with her with their trunks during the trumpeting paint and then as they start to go back into the forest the mother actually stops. Turns her head and then brings her trunk up like waving up and down and off to the side left and right leg she is waiting like she was thinking the villagers and it. It just thought that was these are brilliant animals have made it kills me when I see them in captivity because they get that elephant at the circus. Well they they took it away is a baby from its mother and they they care for their. That they're there their kids as much as humans care for their kids yep absolutely NW the video up and I was set to take a look at that and finally. It is the season and that's gamers are really pray. Christmas spirit now we did tell you the you're the you're actually stopping the traffic light wrong but we gave me the exact time of the week. Wind spammers are gonna try to scam yeah so is the new scam that's out there it's called neighborhood it neighbor spoofing and this is how it works they have these programs that will mask the real phone number looks like it's coming from me about your area and your area go to and even the first three numbers of your phone number which kinda looks like it's in your town need our neighbors are calling in mobile those are called ask Kate. I'm collecting money for the Salvation Army would you you know would you donate some money in and that's how they did due to be out of sync and out there's Gambia but there's actually a certain time of the week in certain time of the day that base they. This of the big for cameras for summary yeah another good old time but he Wednesdays and Thursdays between three and 6 PM don't answer your phone that's prime CNN time I have donate your phone and all that this is really the good rule of thumb is even if it's a phone number that look recognizable and you don't know who it is voice man let it go to voice mail for somebody who is has business to do if you believe the message are we need to talker can you handle this politics aren't I thought or your friends already know that they should already taxi that severe like a voicemail that that should be be met my new greeting. Is this really necessary for force will look to you just text me the detection thank you thought but I. Hey where back again not tomorrow or on the emanated Friday between F five to ten in the podcast well we thank you for listening ABC.