City of Waldo Veteran's Park
14705 NE Waldo Road
[under the overpass]
Waldo, FL 32694
United States

Event Description:

Food giveaway for the Waldo area through Farmshare - First Come First Served - the agency is an equal opportunity provider
Farm Share, using inmate labor and volunteers, re-sorts and packages an abundance of surplus food and distributes it to individuals, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, churches, and other organizations feeding the hungry in Florida — free of charge. This important distinction makes Farm Share critical to small community groups, located in poor neighborhoods and rural areas, which cannot afford to pay for food. By tapping into a vast supply of donated produce, we keep our costs low, while providing fresh fruits and vegetables and other nutritious food to the hungry and food insecure. However, the fact that we do not require our community partners to share the burden of our expenses makes Farm Share more reliant on donations from the public. If you do not help, we cannot help. Millions of Americans suffer from hunger and malnutrition. As family income levels decrease, funds available for food diminish, resulting in nutrient-deficient diets. America’s children and elderly are most severely affected by hunger and malnutrition. Farm Share is working to alleviate hunger and malnutrition by recovering and distributing fresh and nutritious food to those who need it most. Farm Share provides food to hundreds of non-profit organizations. Farm Share distributes more than 6 million household food packages – totaling 40 million pounds of food – each year to Florida families in need. More than 15 million pounds of fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables are trucked each year to participating community groups throughout Florida.