Guardian Angels Medical Service Dog
3251 NE 180th Ave.
Willistin, FL 32696
United States

Event Description:

Tree-Planting and Demonstration at Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs Williston, FL, January 10, 2017– In an early celebration of Arbor Day, UF IFAS and the Florida Forestry Service will plant 3-4 Tupelo trees at the Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs headquarters in Williston, Florida on Monday, January 23, 2017. The event will begin at approximately 1pm.  Master Gardener, Barbara Edmonds of IFAS, will demonstrate root pruning and how to plant and care for trees to ensure survival and success.

Carol Borden, Founder and CEO of Guardian Angels expressed her appreciation.

“Last year, two hurricanes and a tropical storm resulted in the loss of several large oak trees that provided valuable shade for our dogs. We are very grateful that IFAS and the Florida Forestry Service have selected us for the Levy County Arbor Day event, and for donating trees that will mature into beautiful and ornamental shade trees.”

Barbara Edmonds, Master Gardener stated: “Arbor Day may be traditionally celebrated in the summertime, but in Florida, the best time to plant trees is now.”

In addition to providing shade and beautiful foliage, the Tupelo trees will attract bees that produce tupelo honey, and birds feed on the berries. IFAS provides information about selecting the right species of tree for the soil conditions, choosing the right location, and planting at the right time of year.

Borden says, “It is a real privilege to partner with IFAS and the Forestry Service. As our campus grows, we plan to preserve our existing trees and add many more. IFAS has been a valuable

resource, providing expert guidance in maintaining our trees and enlarging the canopy we envision that will shelter growing numbers of disabled veterans as they bond with their service dogs and prepare to start new lives.”

This educational event is free to attend and open to the public, and we welcome residents to join us at our headquarters located at: 3251 NE 180th Avenue, in Williston. Space is limited. to reserve your space, visit http://www.medicalservicedogs.org/event/creatingshadedemonstration  or call 239-425-1981.