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Should You Let Insurance Companies Track Your Driving For A Discount?

Collecting real-time data about your driving behavior could save you 5% to 40% off your insurance.
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Your Walmart Is About To Be Redesigned

Walmart redisgns have begun with 200 stores to be completed before the end of the year and an additional 800 by the end of 2021.
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DIY: Giant Halloween Spider Decorations

While many homes will be displaying giant blow-ups of pumpkins and witches in their front yard, a simple DIY project can make your Halloween home decor stand out by making your own giant spiders
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Buy Your Kids A Real Vacuum Cleaner Instead Of The Toy Version

While you see a vacuum cleaner as a chore, a young child sees it as fun.
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Tortillas 101: Which Are Healthier For You?

Many people assume that tortillas are a healthier choice than bread. But are they?
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Be Careful Not To Share Your Passwords Too early In A Relationship

36% of broken hearts say they wished they hadn’t shared their passwords with a significant other.
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Get Your Kids To Stop Whining

Whining is either a legit cry for help because they can't keep it together anymore, or a simple power play of dominance over you.
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Tracking Your Vote By Mail Ballot

You are able to track your vote by mail ballot, from when it was sent to you and when it is received and counted, all online.
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Some diets that appear to be healthy are actual unhealthy

Diets, including very popular plans, are actually unhealthy for your wellbeing.
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What To know About The High Dose Flu Vaccine

As we age, our immune system doesn't react as strongly as it does in our younger years, which is why the CDC says those over the age of 65 should opt for the high dose flu vaccine.
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