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Yelling Obscenities May Boost Pain Tolerance

August 29, 2017

Go ahead and let it all out when you stub your toe in the middle of the night!  Researchers suggest yelling angry words (obscenities) can make you a stronger person.  Swearing can actually raise tolerance to pain and therefore cause you to be less dependent on pills and medications to combat pain. Researchers tested people's pain tolerance to ice cold water.  As their hands were dipped into the ice water, a timer was set to see when their hands were pulled out because of pain became intolerable.  For those who did not use profanity, the average time was 45.7 seconds before pulling their hands out of the water.  By comparison, those who used a swear word, or many, held it in the cold water on average for 78.8 seconds.  A second study by another group of scientists had similar results. One theory is that swearing stimulates the fight-or-flight response to threats, causing increased heart rate and tensed muscles that cause pain sensations to become dull as part of this response. Another is that swearing increases levels of emotion which, animal studies have suggested, can in turn reduce the sensation of pain.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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