Woman Cooks Brisket In BathTub

Not a good way to keep in the moisture!

July 14, 2016

Cooking a brisket can be a challenge for the tough cut of beef.  It can easily be overcooked, leaving it dry and tasteless.  But cooking a brisket in your bath tub is no way to keep in the moisture! Sadly the Knoxville, Tennessee fire department were called to a cooking fire in an apartment complex Monday night.  When they arrived, they saw a middle-aged woman fanning light smoke from her apartment and a melting fiberglass tub in the bathroom.  She had lit a small, wood-burning grill inside the bathtub, with the meat placed on a wire rack across the tub's rim. Fortunately the fire was quickly put out when firefighter simply turned on the shower.  A spokesperson for the fire department stated the tub and the brisket were a total loss and minor water damage of the adjoining apartment were reported.


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