Why You Shouldn't Put Your Phone On Your Chest While Sunbathing

July 5, 2016

A reminder to put sunblock on your skin when your skin is exposed to the sun.  A little too late for Daniel Da Silva, who was on vacation last week.  To his credit, Davis hails from the United Kingdom, so applying sunscreen may not be second nature to him. However during his first day of vacation on the Mediterranean Sea island of Cyprus, he fell asleep in a lounge chair by the pool without his shirt on or any sunscreen.  Sadly he also left his iPhone on his chest.  After a couple of hours, we awoke to find his entire front body fried beet red, expect for the outline of his phone and earbud cord on his chest. Daniel says the unusual imprint attracted plenty of attention from fellow sun worshippers and a number of passers-by stopped him to admire the hilarious blunder.

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