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Why Can't I Hear 98.5 KTK On My Radio This Morning?

April 18, 2018

Florida is where we call home and it is as unique a place as the people who live here.  Usually temperate are pretty consistent but for a few days in spring and fall the temperature changes can be drastic; by as much as 40 degrees from a low to a high. Those wild temperature fluctuation can interfere with radio waves and that's the purpose of this message.  The meteorological term for this natural phenomenon is Thermal Inversion.  In short the air near the surface of the Earth is warmer than the air above it, which can cause radio waves to act weird.  It's why you may have a hard time listening to 98.5 KTK and other radio stations for a few minutes in the morning and in the evening. Thermal inversion traps radio waves in between this warmer and colder air and funnels them to far and distant areas.  You may hear a radio station from Delaware for a few minutes or some other far off location.  The good news is this window of seasonal change is temporary and will soon be gone.  So now you know why you are having problems picking up 98.5 KTK on your car, desk and home radio this morning.  Just remember you can listen to us without thermal inversion on your computer or mobile device through the radio.com app, free for iPhone and Android [CLICK HERE]!