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A Web Site That Checks To See If Your New Password Has Been Hacked

August 4, 2017

Time to change your computer's password and you've decided to be really create one that hackers will not be able to guess.  But is it truly unique and safe from scam artists?   Try Pwned Passwords a web site that lets you test a password to see if it has been leaked.  Just type in the password you are thinking of using and within a few seconds, it will check to see if that password has been used by hackers to access personal information.  The web site searches over 300 million compromised passwords to see if it could be one that hackers know to try and access your information.  However it isn't a web site you should test your current password on as it exposes it.  But if you are wanting a password that hasn't been used to access accounts, it may give you some peace of mind. CLICK HERE to access the web site.

SOURCE: The Next Web

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