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Tips For Washing Workout Clothes

June 25, 2018

Your workout clothes take a beating every time you hit the gym.  That usually results in some pretty ripe-smelling clothes. Since most high-tech workout wear is made from synthetic fiber, like polyester, which whisks away sat and keeps you cool.  Unfortunately sweat seeps into those fibers and bacteria break down acids, hormones and sulfur compounds into smaller, stinkier compounds. But before you toss them into the trash, try these stinky clothes cleaning tips. Make sure they get some air. A lot of people hit the gym or yoga studio, then stuff their duds into a bag until they get home. That just makes things worse as the tight, dark quarters encourage the smell to blossom. Even if you have no intention of re-wearing your clothes until they've been washed, it's a smart move to let them dry out and breathe before you wash them. Make sure you wash them inside out. ll your sweat, oils and other icky bodily secretions accumulate on the inside, so flip things and put that surface on the outside. Turning things inside-out gives the water and detergent a better chance to get right to the source of the stink. Give them a white vinegar pre-soak!  1 cup of white vinegar and cold water before laundering should do the trick.  If you don't want the hassle of pre-soaking, you can add a quarter or a half cup, either at the beginning of the wash cycle or during the rinse cycle. Baking soda gets the rancid smells out of your refrigerator, it should work for your workout gear. Toss in about a cup during the wash cycle. Skip the fabric softener. It will cover your clothes in a coating that can trap smells and that coating will be tough to remove. If you have the space, let clothes air dry instead. Typically, high-performance fabrics dry quickly and will even last longer without the rough and tumble spinning of the dryer.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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