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There's Good Chance You Are Using Disposable Disinfecting Wipes Wrong

May 22, 2018

Those convenient miracle of disposable wet cloths with germ fighting liquid are perfect for life's little messy emergencies and to quickly clean as visitors make their way to your home.  But it appears we're not using disinfecting wipes the correct way. If you use disinfecting wipes and keep wiping an area until it is dry, you are using them incorrectly, according to instruction.  For instance, the instructions on the Clorox Wipes (which surprisingly does not contain any bleach) say you should wipe surface, using enough wipes for the treated surface to remain visibly wet for four minutes. Let surface dry. It's because it takes that long for the germ-fighting ingredients to do their job. Also use one towel for one job, otherwise you may be cross-contaminating ick across your kitchen and home. Also if you have a surface at home protected by a sealant, such as granite countertops that make the surface effectively non-porous, you shouldn't use disinfecting wipes of them. The citric acid that cleans soap scum so well is known not to play nicely with the types of sealant used on granite countertops.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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