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Take A Photo Of Your Stove Before Vacation

June 4, 2018

Vacation season is here and for all the planning, saving, packing and booking you done, you should take a picture of your stove before you depart.  Add to that, snap a picture of your thermostat and even your iron.  A recent survey of 200,000 people found that 33% said they worry at least once a week that they've left things on at home.  That means your trip may quickly made a U-turn to double check that your stove is off, thermostat is up and your iron is unplugged. According to Psychology Today, physically double checking things like this that make us anxious actually can make it worse. By going back to check, you then will doubt that you properly checked it. Or, you'll tell yourself that you turned the stove on when you were trying to check it. Whither it's a window lock or a table lamp, take a photo of items you might worry about being left on and relax instead of second guessing yourself.

SOURCE: Apartment Theory

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