Take Out Your Frustrations Of A Bad Boss With A Voodoo Doll

March 12, 2018

Got a nightmare of a boss? You may want to look to the supernatural to help.  Two new studies suggest using a voodoo doll could be the stress relief you need!  Giving upset employees the opportunity to hurt the doll using pins, pliers and fire gives them a sense of justice, the two studies concluded. Bad bosses generally come in two forms: dysfunctional and dark. Dysfunctional bosses don't want to hurt you, but through a lack of skill, or other personality defects, they're not very good at their job, while dark bosses have destructive behaviors, such as Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy and hurt others to elevate themselves. The voodoo doll participants were all asked to recall a time when they were abused by their boss in their career, such as being yelled at. Those were given the chance to retaliate, by attacking the voodoo doll, had a significantly higher sense of justice.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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