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Some Honest Talk About Your Underwear

September 8, 2017

On to a subject that many avoid but an important one for your overall health. It involves your undergarments, or underwear.  Doctors say the wearing synthetic fabric underwear is not breathable and can lead to bacterial infections.  Although cotton underwear may not sound fun, they really are the best material to keep you cool, keep you dry and keep you healthy.  Colored underwear defiantly adds confidence to your wardrobe but be careful as some fabric dyes can be an irritant.  If you have sensitive skin make sue to stick to garments free of dyes. For those pricey pairs of draws, keep them out of the dryer.  The heat from the dryer breaks down fabrics, meaning the elastic in your underwear will be saggy before you know it. Instead, try using a drying rack or clothing line. Since they're small and made of light fabrics, they probably won't take as long as you think to dry. Finally, it may not be a bad idea to go commando when sleeping.  Sleeping without your underwear gives that area of your body time to be free of trapped moisture and restricted airflow it suffers throughout the day.  However beware of the practice when clothed as certain fabrics can rub you the wrong way!

SOURCE: The List

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