Should You Eat Before Your Morning Workout?

July 20, 2017

To eat or not eat before your morning workout, that's the question!  It does beyond personal preference, especially if you're trying to lose weight.  Although you should never skip breakfast, there is some evidence that suggest you should enjoy breakfast after your workout.  A small study compared overweight men, in which half completed a moderate exercise routine on an empty stomach and the other half eating breakfast two hours before their workout.  It found those who skipped breakfast before exercise burned more fat and enjoyed a positive effect on their metabolism versus those who ate before working out. The study suggest not eating before a workout of 60 minutes or less, or exercising in a fasted state, may be the way to go for fat loss.  In general, most of us have enough energy stored in our bodies to complete a moderate-intensity workout of up to 45 minutes first thing in the morning, burning stored fat for energy. However it is not the golden rule, especially if you are phoning in your routine because you're feeling dizzy or distracted by hunger.  So if you've reached that weight loss plateau, you may want to finish your workout before you start breakfast.


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