Is This The Savior For Spectacles Wearers?

September 12, 2016

The struggle is real for the millions of Americans who wear glasses.  Without fail, several times a day your finger moves towards the bridge of your nose to give your spectacles frame a boost back into position.  Luckily we live in the year 2016 where we can purchase a tube of nerd wax.  A product featured on the reality show, Shark Tank, Nerdwax is an organic, cosmetic-grade wax that looks like a chap stick.  You apply it on the bridge of your nose or the pads of your glasses to prevent them from falling. Reviewers claim Nerdwax lasts hours, but those with an oily-type skin may need to reapply more often. A single tube of Nerdwax is estimated to last 6 to 8 months and costs $10.

SOURCE: Daily Dot

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