Restaurant Owner Ignores Robber and Continues To Serve Food

July 15, 2016

It seems that finding good customer service is getting harder and harder to find.  But one restaurant owner didn't get an armed robber stop him from serving customers their food and foils the robber’s plan by ignoring him.  Said Ahmed, owner of the Egyptian Kebab House in Christchurch, New Zealand was in the middle of filling a customer's to-go order, when a masked man entered his store with a gun pointing at him and throwing a bag upon the counter.  But rather than give in to the robber's demand, Ahmed literally ignored him!  In fact, he continues to bag a customer's food and hands it over to the patron, who quickly took his order and left.  As soon as the order was filled, Ahmed turned around and returned to the kitchen, where he called police.  The stunned robber waits a second or two, turns around and leaves the store empty-handed. The whole incident was caught on surveillance video. Ahmed is being championed across the globe for his superhuman level of chill. Ahmed says he is no hero and he just remained calm, which the robber wasn't expecting.

Watch the YouTube video here

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