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Man Fined $465 For Cracked Driver's License

January 30, 2017

Your driver license or identification card may be victim of the Florida crack. The plastic used in our licenses has a flaw just below the magnetic stripe of the back, where if you bend it too much parallel to the strip, it will split in two.  Although it may seem like a fun practical joke to crack a friend’s license or perhaps you've done it by accident yourself, know to the state of Florida, it is considered a mutilated license and is an offense that can rack up a fine.  Although the Florida crack is a Florida thing, all states have laws for mutilated or damaged identification cards.  It also extends to our neighbors to the north.  A Canadian man is in shock to learn his mutilated driver license resulted in a $465 fine! Dave Balay was pulled over after reports of a description of his car was reported swerving.  Dave doesn't drink so he calmly gave the police officer his driver's license, which he admitted had a small crack.  However he wasn't expecting such a fine.  A statement from the Edmonton police says he actually got a break for reportedly swerving.  Dave plans to fight the fine in court.


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