How Old Is Too Old To Trick-Or-Treat?

October 26, 2017

Trick-or-treating is really fun, and of course you end up with a ton of free candy. But at what point should you hang up your trick-or-treat bag? While there is no official cut-off age as with voting, driving and alcohol sales, most people agree between 12-16 is when it's time to hang up the candy bag.  One town in Canada has passed a law banning anyone over 16 from trick-or-treating. But since three is no law for most of the world, it's up to the teens to be polite and respectful when ringing door bells.  Experts say older teens can successfully participate in trick-or-treating by taking younger siblings or neighborhood kids out as a group.  Wear a costume and make sure that costume that isn't too scary for little kids and remember to mind your manners when knocking on doors and receiving candy.

SOURCE: Yahoo!

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