How To Avoid Being Hit On At The Gym

January 17, 2018

While some people find them excellent for flirting and socializing, the vast majority of us just want to be left alone, especially when you are all sweaty and in your workout zone at the gym.  But that doesn't stop some people from trying their best to grab your attention. A Twitter user may have come up with kryptonite to keep unwanted advances at bay.  Olivia Cole tweeted she was down the gym the other day and saw two women working out together when a guy started approaching with flirtatious eyebrows. Rather than bothering to enter into conversation, one woman immediately told him that she’d just farted so might want to keep his distance. 

Apparently the tactic is used quite often by women who are not interest in being bothered romantically by guys.  So next time you are approach by someone you'd rather not see, simply announce that you've farted.


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