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Foods To Help You Feel Less Bloated

October 11, 2017

Nothing is worse than feeling bloated after eating a meal. While everyone’s stomach will expand at least somewhat after eating, some stomachs seem to be more sensitive.  So considering adding these foods to reduce your overall bloat feeling.  For instance, plain Greek yogurt has less dairy, less sugar and more protein than many other yogurts, which means there is less gas produced. Kombucha is a fermented, lightly effervescent black or green tea drink, which has an acquired taste but adds good bacteria into your stomach and aids in digestion.  Carrots are filled with potassium to help fight off bloating. The fiber found in carrots fills your stomach and makes you feel full without feeling bloated or tired. As for fruits, look for ones that contain a lot of water, such as melons which are about 90% water.  That excess water will help flush out excess sodium, making you feel less puffy and improving hydration. Finally asparagus which is full of pre- and probiotics that help maintain the proper balance of gut bacteria while also fighting off bloating via weight loss.

SOURCE: SheKnows

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