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Father-In-Law Exploits Sons Fear Of The Tasmanian Devil Cartoon With A Toupee

December 26, 2017

The Tasmanian Devil is not only a real-life marsupial but a memorable cartoon character most often seen with Bug Bunny and even Michael Jordon in the 1996 movie, Space Jam. But not everyone is a fan of the animated version.   A New York City man is accusing his wealthy father-in-law of making his life hell by repeatedly scared him with a toupee that looks like the cartoon character. The son-in-law says he has always had a lifelong phobia of the Tasmanian Devil cartoon and once his father-in-law found out about it, he has taken every opportunity to exploit it using a toupee. He even waved his it at him at a funeral to get a laugh.  It has gotten so bad the man had a restraining order taken out again his father-in-law, which he violates routinely.  The first time the father-in-law has been arrested for criminal mischief, he then filed a lawsuit against his son-in-law claiming defamation after photos of his arrest from the parking-lot incident surfaced on social media. However while that case works its way in court, the father-in-law was arrested a second time for criminal contempt and aggravated harassment.

SOURCE: New York Post

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