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Elf On A Shelf Breaks Leg In Skydiving Mishap

December 6, 2017

Many Elves on a Shelfs are known to my mischievous as they observe kids and report their actions to Santa. Each morning the scout elf flies back from the North Pole and sometimes catching a ride is the only way it can happen. That's what happened to Krisoff who is tasked with watching 9 -year old Madison of Gulfport Beach near Tampa.  Last Saturday, Kristoff was able to catch a ride with Gerard Krokus, a skydiver dressed up in a red suit and was planning on making a splash at the Tampa Bay Beach Bums Operation Santa Charity Volleyball Tournament.  As he jumped out of the airplane, he and Kristoff headed towards the beach.  However something happened when the duos flightpath got off course and rather than landing safely on the beach, Gerald and Kristoff ended up crashing into a tree and both breaking a leg! Kristoff wrote a letter to Madison that explained what happened and that the two were resting in this hotel that they keep calling a ‘hospital’ and would be there fora  few days to keep Gerald company. Madison says Kristoff is known for his pranks as she said that "one time our elf said, 'I needed a place to chill out. So we looked in the fridge and he was sitting in the fridge." Madison said that was cool prank not so much about the skydive prank. As for Gerald, he is reported in good health and a GoFundMe account has been set up to help him pay for his medical bills.

SOURCE: Bay News 9

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