Do You Agree To Give Your Child Away?

Most do not read online user agreements

July 18, 2016

Do you owe your first child to Pokémon Go?  Probably not but if you do not read the entire End User License Agreement (EULA) that accompany most apps, you could unknowingly be agreeing to some odd terms.  A study published last week found that almost nobody reads online terms of service agreements—and even fewer understand them. The average online user agreements contain hundreds of thousands of words and on average will take you 30 minutes to read.  However the study found that of the 543 people signing up for a fictional service, 399 didn't read their terms at all.  The remaining 144 spent an average of 73 seconds reading them.   However only 11 people did read the entire user agreement, in which it contained language that you'd turn in your first born child to the company, enforceable through 2050 and that they data collected would be turned over to the NSA.  But is something like this enforceable?  Legal analysts say, yes, as crazy as it is to will your first child to Microsoft, as long as companies disclose it a company can do pretty much anything they want with your account or personal information.  However there is some help.  The web site has reviewed 192 user end agreements and breaks them down by category.  So you can see if a web site tracks your movement, if they collect your data and where it goes and such!

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