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The Dangers Of Too Much Sleep

August 1, 2017

Too much of anything can be bad and that goes for sleep too.  While most Americans do not get enough sleep, there are the lucky few that get more than enough shut eye.  But it isn't a rosy picture with a new report stating that getting too much sleep can increase your chances of having nightmares. The longer you sleep, the longer you'll spend in the REM phase of sleep, the cycle when vivid dreaming and unpredictable body movements are most likely to occur.  While resting while you are ill is recommended, it could also be masking a medical issue if you sleep a lot. Individuals who sleep more than 10 hours per day generally have worse health profiles than those who sleep seven to eight hours and even could lead you to develop heart disease and type 2 diabetes later on in life. Finally, if you wake up with a headache, it may be from sleeping too much. You may have slept past the time when you'd normally feed yourself or get some coffee in your system, so the headache could related to caffeine withdrawals, dehydration, or even low blood sugar levels.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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