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Common Catchphrases We've Said Incorrectly Our Whole Lives

August 22, 2017

Just like many song lyrics, there are many catchphrases we've been saying wrong out entire lives.  For instance it's not, "it's a doggie dog world." The correct phrase is "it's a dog eat dog world". "Nip it in the bud" is the proper catchphrase rather than the common mis-pronounced, "nip it in the butt." Another common catchphrase we say incorrectly is, "for all intensive purposes." The correct way to say it is, "for all intents and purposes."  Stop saying, "I could care less" and use the proper saying, "I couldn't care less." Finally, refrain from an anxiety of needing something quickly and ditch, "Call me ASAP as possible." It is "Call me ASAP" (since "ASAP" already means "as soon as possible."

SOURCE: BuzzFeed

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