College Chancellor Installs Escape Hatch To Ditch Protesters

August 10, 2016

Many college campuses are the scene of non-violent, student-led protests, especially at schools known to be outspoken. The University of California at Berkeley has been its air share of protests.  But the school's chancellor has had enough and has installed an escape hatch from his office to flee those protesters.  The campus newspaper says Nicholas Dirks, the school's current chancellor, installed a $9,000 escape hatch in a hallway outside his office to "provide egress" if potential student protesters descend on the administration building. The emergency exit was ordered and installed last month is in response to an April 2015 protest during which students stormed the chancellor’s suite and staged a sit-in outside his office, the paper reported. Students reportedly banged on desks and chanted loudly before being escorted out of the building, some in handcuffs. Student protests have erupted on the grounds of Berkley for decades, with not one chancellor ever being physically harmed.

SOURCE: Fox News

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