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The Coffee Nap May Be The Best Thing Ever!

November 10, 2017

Usually you sip a cup of coffee to keep you awake but for the ultimate energy boost consider taking a coffee nap!  While you morning cup of Joe is a sacred ritual that starts the day, an afternoon cup of coffee may not be enough. The idea is simple: if you drink a cup of coffee and then take a nap, you theoretically wake up well-rested than ever before. A 1997 study found that truck drivers who drank coffee and took a nap was more effective in keeping them awake and alert than either coffee or naps alone.  Since the caffeine, the energy boosting chemical in coffee, takes upwards of 30 minutes to do its job once consumed, it is possible to get a power nap in and wake up full of energy and a fresh mind. And that energy will linger for hours as it takes your body about 4 to 5 hours for it to be metabolized. The coffee nap can work with other caffeinated products as well.

SOURCE: Men's Health

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