Best Way To Cool Down In Summer Is To Drink A Hot Beverage

July 22, 2016

They aren't called the dog days of summer for nothing!  As we move closer to August, the heat is on and there's nothing better to beat the heat than to quench your thirst with cool drink.  Common sense supports the thought that drinking a cold drink will cool you down, but a new study says that drinking a hot beverage works better in cooling you down.  No the scientist didn't kick back a few cold beers in coming up with this mind-blowing statement.  They say drinking a hot drink in hot weather will make you sweat without actually increasing your core temperature. And sweating is the body’s way of cooling off. Of course, drinking a cold drink still works but drinking a hot coffee or tea in many places in the world is a more efficient way to cool you down. However this being Florida, where the humidity is just as high as the temperature, we're already drenched in sweat, so we'll just stick to our glasses of iced tea!

Read the entire article from Mental Floss here.

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